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new computer

2003-09-29 - 2:33 p.m.

No fishtank. BUT--

I have a shiny new iMac computer. Don't ask me for any more specifications other than "it's purty." I have yet to go home and play with it, as it arrived shiny and new this morning about 20 minutes after I left for work. I've been informed that the cat has marked it with her approval, and we may therefore keep it.

Alzheimer's Memory Walk was great--I raised a little over $400. It was very healing to be there so soon after my grandpa's death--I was able to grieve among others who knew what it was like to loose someone so slowly. I'll definitely be back next year, hopefully with a team.

The baby shower was less of a success. Less than half the people who RSVP'd "yes" showed up. What that means in real world terms is that I wasted $100 renting out the big room in the basement of my building when it turns out my apartment would have been fine and I probably wasted anywhere between $30-$50 on food. Needless to say, I am not the happiest of campers about that.

I'm not sure I'd do a shower again. I get these images in my head of what a party needs to look like and wind up spending far more money than I can actually afford to make sure everyone is happy and has everything they could possibly want. And now I'm left feeling churlishly resentful that I spent $300 on this shower when I couldn't really afford it.

Supposed to go out to dinner this Friday, but I'm not looking forward to it. I know I'm going to be exhausted by the time the weekend rolls around, and I feel like I don't have much time for myself. I'm sure I'll have fun when I'm out, but I just don't know that I'll feel like expanding the energy to be witty and charming when I'd rather be sacked out in front of the tv with a good book and a cat on my lap. But R has been looking foward to it, and it's a good friend of his, so the least I can do is be gracious.

Then Saturday is my birthday party, which I think will turn out much like the shower--me and Rick and maybe 2 other people there. I remember Rick's 25th birthday--there were easily over 10 people there. But it seems on my birthdays I'm lucky to get more than one or two. I'm not certain what this says about me. Maybe my birthday just falls on a busier time of the year, or maybe R is more outgoing and more able to draw friends than I am. Maybe I'm just feeling sorry for myself.

Whatever. I guess I'm just in a funky mood.


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