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weekend update

2003-10-07 - 2:04 p.m.

The weekend was pretty fabulous. It was so wonderful to see N again, and this time we got to spend some time alone and really hang out a bit. It was absolutely luxurious having her at my house for three nights. Plus my kitty loved her and her mom.

For my birthday, N and her mom gave me the second season of Buffy, which just made me drool fairly uncontrollably. Now I can watch Buffy to my heart's content. My husband tried to play it cool, but after everyone left, he did his little special dance of joy.

Saturday night I had my birthday party. I was pissed at first, because the party started at 5 and no one showed up until 5:40. But in fact, six people came to my party. Six! It was just about the perfect amount for our apartment. We had pizza and cake and ice cream, and then T and M presented me with a very special gift. They had just returned from a meeting in Wisconsin, and had carried with them my special gift. Cheese in the shape of a beer mug. With a nice head of foam. It was really beautiful. I also received a multitude of birthday cards, and my love goes out to you.

Sunday morning I SLEPT IN, and yea, it was very good. Then I went to my music class in the afternoon. Last time I went to class I was crappy, and was screwing up all my intervals. This time I rocked out. A, the teacher, took us over to the computer to play with "Auralia," a program to help with ear training. In one segment, we had to identify an interval and then tune the second note. I kicked ass, holding my own against those who claimed the second note was flat when it was in reality sharp. I went back home and promptly ordered "Auralia." I'm hoping to get it by next week. And the husband can use it also, even though he realistically has a much better ear than I do. Frustrating, that.

This weekend I'm looking forward to a long while of doing nothing. We're not seeing anyone, we're not doing anything except maybe a few errands. And watching DVDs. Yes, I finally signed up for NetFlix after paying $8 for two movies at Blockbuster and then paying almost as much in late fees because we returned the movies six hours late. Blockbuster is evil and the spawn of Satan. Also, they did not have the Horatio Hornblower movies, of which R and I are currently enamored. We love to watch Ioan Gruffudd square his jaw and be British and manly. We also thoroughly enjoy the tender man-love between Hornblower and Captain Pellhew. Rule, Britannia!

For those of you who are playing the home game, there is still no Beta in my home. The deal originally struck with my husband stated that when he got a desk, I could have my glowing fish-tank of love. No desk, no fishy friend. Plus, I'm also slightly concerned about the psychological effect Fishy might have on Kitty. I don't want her getting obsessed and spending her whole day trying to figure out how to get into the fishtank. She has other things to think about, like washing the dishes or wiping the counters. Or, on a more realistic note, moving from our bed into the office and back again.


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