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2003-10-14 - 4:36 p.m.

My parents are getting a new dog. I've been assigned the job of thinking up name possibilities. My favorite so far is Sir Percival Blakeney, called "Percy for short. But I also like Mr. Darcy, because then I could call out "Mr. Darcy! Come here, sir!" in a stentorian manner.

In other news, my parents also got a pair of kayaks. So basically, my parents are doing everything I want to do but can't afford. Last night R and I experimented wildly with canmed chili, and then went to Aveda to pick up my free birthday present. Yes, it was a cheap night at the M-- household. Tonight shall see a desperate longing for chicken pot pie--a longing that shall go unfulfilled. HOWEVAH--I might be profligate and bring home Thai food. Or perhaps I'll be good and stop off at the store and all that jazz. Really, it all depends on whether or not I head to the gym. Which, in turn, all depends on whether or not it rains.

So that's life in Wealhtheow-land. A little boring, not too much going on. The leaves are turning and I'm starting to settle down into autumn. I'm looking forward to baking more--pumpkin spice bread, cranberry bread, beautiful muffins and light-as-air popovers. I'm also enjoying the prospect of casseroles, adn of finally breaking out the crock-pot for some yummy meals. Perhaps I'll make some chili in the next few days.


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