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autumn time

2003-10-20 - 3:03 p.m.

Well, it's looking as "Liberace" is here to stay. When I tried to make my mom see reason, she chided me for not being open-minded. "When you think of Liberace, all you can think of is 'gay?' And I thought that was okay with you! You don't think of 'great musician' or 'sharp dresser' when you think of Liberace? What's wrong with you?" In answer to these questions: 1. Yes, sadly, I do think "gay" when I think Liberace. 2. Hey, what a person does with their body and their identity is there business. If the dog turns out to be gay, that's wonderful and I'll support his doggie lifestyle choice. But I don't think homosexuality should be thrust upon this dog, in the same way that I don't think heterosexuality should be thrust upon gay men, women, or dogs. 3. I may think "great musician" when Liberace is mentioned (but that description is more usually linked with Horowitz when I'm thinking piano), but SHARP DRESSER??? My mom evidently has deep deep deep issues of which I have been previously and blissfully unaware.

But enough of dogs. Our apartment is still, shockingly enough, somewhat clean! Yesterday the husband and I did laundry! Tonight I'm making meatloaf! Yes, I'm becoming domesticated. But it is so much more pleasant to live in a semi-clean apartment. When people drop by unexpectedly, we don't have to blush with shame at our hog-like living conditions. Instead we can say "Come on in, may I offer you something to drink" with perfect faith that we indeed have clean glasses.

However, not only is a certain someone not helping at all with the cleaning, a certain someone is in fact making things worse! Thistle is shedding her summer coat in favor of a more luxurious winter garment. She feels that her old coat was passe, and insists on leaving it around the apartment in small clumps. R and I have tried to reason with her, but you know cats.

My other news is that there is no other news. One day pretty much melds into another, and what my life lacks in novelty it makes up for in contentment. Autumn is creeping in, and scarfs and hats are poking shyly out of the hall closet, awaiting their chance to play in the brisk winds. Christmas ornaments are catching my eye, and I fantasize about buying a beautiful new menorah. I'm doing holiday shopping early this year: I have almost everyone's gift picked out, including the darling husband--but I'll never tell. Also this year I'm dead set on making such exotic drinks as hot buttered rum and homemade eggnog, as well as cooking delightful pumpkin spice muffins. If you come visit me, you may partake in the bounty that is my kitchen. Yes, this is a bribe.


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