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singing at the Ritz

2003-10-30 - 9:13 p.m.

It's been a busy week in Wealhtheow-land!

Thursday I got sick. I passed out. Granted, I passed out at home in my bed, which is not nearly as dramatic and sympathy-inducing as passing out at the office, but still.

Saturday my friend's baby was born, and there really was much rejoicing. I havne't met little A. yet, but hope to soon. R is a little scared because according to all reports I'm supposed to come away from the baby encounter desperately craving one of my own. He may soothe his worried mind--I may crave pumpkin ice cream (and I do, I do) but I shan't crave a baby until he is out of school. I shan't rule out coveting a baby, but let's face it--the coveting generally runs out as soon as they cry or exhibit otherwise undesirable behavior. No, my cat is child enough right now.

Monday I arrived happily back at work. Nestled in my inbox was a request, nay, a plea for me to sing at our upcoming women's conference. Which is this weekend. In DC, so it's not as though I'm traveling to an exotic destination to ply my trade. But still--it's the first time I'll be singing on request and I'm very excited. I'll be singing "Wind Beneath My Wings." Not my choice, by the way. But the most exciting thing for me--I arranged the accompaniment myself, yes I did! I'm getting all excited about my burgeoning musical skilz.

Today I ordered my ticket for Die Walkure, so you may expect a full report towards the end of November. Today I also bought me a fancy suit--for 50% off. I do indeed rock both your world and mine.


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