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weekend update II

2003-11-07 - 5:17 p.m.

Days are flying by, just like the leaves falling from the trees. However, unlike the leaves, the days do not pile up invitingly in such a manner as to make one want to jump around and roll in them, throwing them up in the air and declaring onself queen. Indeed.

So. Sunday night, in our new car (on its one-year anniversary, no less!) the drivers' side window fell down. Completely. R was pissed, but underneath that was a strange elation. He's been complaining about the door squeaking since we got the car, and everyone told him he was crazy. But he wasn't crazy, folks. Not at all. Our door was seriously fucked up, and he knew it all along. Once again, let's hear it for the boy; let's give the boy a hand.

We got the car towed and it lived in the shop for almost two days. When R went to pick it up, they had slacked and not washed it as was requested. The manager said "Please wash Mr. M----'s car. He's a Very Special Customer." As I later told R, he was Very Special in the sense that he was going to sue them (and most likely win) if they didn't keep him darn happy. We love our VW, but have had more problems with the service people than I can tell easily. Bah humbug.

I've been having difficulty adjusting to the time change this year. I've been all exhausted and grogged out, and still can't quite believe the sun is setting at roughly 4:45 pm. And it's just going to get worse as we head into Solstice. Usually I love the shorter days and the feel of winter coming on. And I think I would still love them if I were holed up at home baking yummy goodness. But I feel cooped up at my office. I wonder if I'm more affected this year because I have a window, so I'm constantly conscious of the amount of light outside. I've never had a window, and I feel I shall be absolutely useless when the snow comes. Much like our dear departed Mizinha-cat, when it snows, I just stare outside. I do not, however, make futile attempts to catch the snowflakes and kill them.

Which segues nicely into my next thought: My cat, Thistle, is as sweet as they come. She is also fundamentally lazy. I've never had a pet ignore a fly. My dogs used to go after flies, and Mizzy would cry with frustration if she couldn't get to a fly. Thistle pretends it's not there. I can tell she feels like she probably should catch it and kill it, but she just doesn't want to. It's obviously much more important to lie on the floor, doing her imitation of a fat German sausage. I feel there must be a way to train her to mercilessly hunt down and terminate, with extreme prejudice, all winged invaders, but I've not yet found it. Hints, anyone?

This weekend shall see massive cleaning. We blinked our eyes and the apartment is terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. We'll chain the door and not unlock it until we can face the outside world without shame.

In a very special note, yesterday was reader N's 25th birthday. Many happy returns.


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