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land of the flies

2003-11-12 - 11:32 a.m.

Fly death count is up to 20. It skeezes me out in ways I cannot even begin to describe. Last night I heard another fly. I called R in--and he was grinning like Satan himself. He promptly dispatched two flies while I contemplated how they were getting into my bedroom. This contemplation was accompanied by many magic words. Little bastards! I moved out of IV to avoid this type of infestation. I can feel the skin on my back crawling, creeping and roiling in disgust even now. I repeat: bastards!

In books, I'm reading "The Virgin Blue" by Tracy Chevalier--and I would highly reccomend it, especially to those of you out there who might happen to have the initials C.K.--it is your kind of book, I think. I also desperately want to get my hands on "The Secret Life of Bees" but cannot locate a copy in stock at my library. As the weather turns colder, I find myself reading more. It's nice. I think tonight I'll finish the Chevalier book, but only after I do a massive amount of practicing. I also need to write out a couple songs for my little group at work.

I've put together a small group at the office to perform a couple songs at our holiday party. The group consists of one recorder, one flute, one trumpet and two vocalists (me included). I have a good version of a wassail tune for our first song, but I don't know what to do for our second song. The problem is that we're also going to have someone come in and lead a group sing-along, so I'm looking for music that's a teensy bit more obscure so we don't have any repeats. Obscure, easy and uplifting. I'd love to do The Cherry Tree carol, but I think it's a bit too slow. Plus I feel we should keep the song to a fairly secular nature. Thoughts may be left in the guestbook. Maybe I'll give in and just do Dreidel Dreidel, even though I despise that song. I shall selfishly and egotistically prepare myself an encore in case anyone clamors to hear more of my rapturously beautiful voice. (I am so modest it hurts.)

So that's what's going on in Wealhtheow-land. Stay tuned for my promised feature on how to enjoy your holiday season; how I learned to stop worrying and love Christmas. You may expect the following to be plugged: David Sedaris, Robert Shaw, good fruitcake, eggnog, sad and dirgelike Christmas carols that may or may not contain the words "instruct and teach your children well while that you are here; it will better be for your soul when your corpse lies burning on the bier." Ah, that's the good stuff.


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