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2003-12-02 - 4:09 p.m.

Expect sparse updates throughout December. Between concerts and rehearsals I have a very hectic schedule. If I am very lucky, my husband will continue to remember my face and not bludgeon me to death when he finds me asleep in the bed, screaming "What have you done with my wife? She's been missing since late November!"

Two concerts this weekend--one real concert, where I have my solo *squeak of horror* and one sing-along at Wolf Trap. The sing-along should be fun--but the weather channel predicts snow, so that will dampen things considerably. Although I'll be singing under Shelter, Wolf Trap is still open to the elements so it will be darn cold. Darn cold, mind you. But I don't have to wear a uniform, so I can dress in my long jammies for that one.

A new Horatio Hornblower movie is on tonight, as well as a second one tomorrow night. I believe this is based on Horatio Hornblower and the Hotspur but I cannot be truly sure. I'd advise you all to check it out. Let us not forget what Movie-a-Minute had to say about the first Hornblower movies: "Ioan Gruffudd as Horatio Hornblower: I have strength of character and dignified restraint. Watch me square my jaw. Robert Lindsay as Captain PellewAs usual, Mr. Hornblower, you have shown yourself to be a hero by your patient longsuffering and proper British accent. Carry on." That's the good stuff. However, I am taping both movies for consumption over the weekend, due to rehearsals and voice lessons. Oy vey! And I still have Lawrence of Arabia to watch!!

A Happy Belated Thankgiving to everyone, by the way. I spent the weekend watching old slides of my mummy and daddy in their "single years" (what my mother calls their marriage pre-offspring). It was odd--in some of those pictures my mother was younger than I am now. I got a little choked up, looking at how beautiful and hopeful and unbelievable young my parents were. Then my dad had to screw it up by e-mailing me an anecdote about how Mr. Will pooped on the little dog by accident. I guess as they say, that's the story of...that's the glory of love.


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