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caroling, caroling, sing we now heretical songs that actually worship the Goddess!

2003-12-09 - 3:22 p.m.

Small gig went very well. We did two sets. Naturally, the set after everyone had a glass or so of wine was the better one! I felt vaguely guilty--after all, singers aren't supposed to drink alcohol! It dries out your vocal cords. But I truly didn't notice any difference in production or quality. The only problem I experienced in Set No. 2 was that I was standing directly in front of our leader and could not see the ritardandos* at the end; so I just focused on another singer and watched what she did. She noticed and was very good about telegraphing to me.

I almost wrote that I couldn't see the ritards, but was concerned you would all think I meant retards. I was not singing for mentally retarded folks, nor would I casually refer to them as retards if I had. Nor would I have called them ritards, as d'uh!

Friday night I go see our lovely Anonymous 4--or as they're known in the sometimes ultra-dorky circle of early music lovers: "The Rolling Stones of early music!" We are a proud bunch, and can surely defeat anyone in the world when it comes to intellectual snobbery. But alas, I am an early music baby and must study dilligently to make intelligent comments. Interestingly enough, A-4 will be singing Benjamin Britten's Ceremony of Carols, which is a 20th century piece. But the words are old! If you check out The Worst Case Scenario Guide to Surviving the Holidays they tell you to deter carollers by requesting such obscure carols as "Adam Lay Ybounden," which is from Ceremony of Carols.

It's actually a very interesting carol, blessing the day Adam and Eve ate of the apple; not because that caused Jesus to come to earth, but because it caused Mary to becomes heaven's queen. I've been amazed at how many carols I've come across lately that focus on Mary rather than on Jesus. Insert DaVinci Code reference here.

The above-named book was a fun read and I reccomend it--but talk about shoddy workmanship! Author takes two quotes from the Dead Sea Scrolls about Mary Magdalene--I found both quotes in Elaine Pagels Gnostic Gospels and I'm betting that's where he found them too. Plus he constantly made snarky comments to the effect of "the really smart person can see the etymological roots of hermaphrodite and venereal, but only if you're really smart!" Maybe I'm just dorky mythology girl, but I always thought that was common knowledge. I hate when authors are snarky and want to show you how smart they are.

For your delectation:

Deo Gracias

Adam lay ibounden, bounden in a bond/Four thousand winter thought he not to long. Deo Gracias!

And all was for an appil an appil that he tok/As clerkes finden written in their book. Deo Gracias!

Ne had the appil take ben, the appil take ben/ Ne hadde never our lady A ben hevene quene.

Blessed be the time that appil take was/ therefore we moun singen, Deo Gracias!

*Ritardando means slowing down. Sorry, I forgot not everyone who reads this is a musician. Although the person who posited the question is studying to be a musician and ought to know, or at least make every attempt to edify him/herself.


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