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post hoc holiday

2003-12-29 - 10:53 a.m.

Seems to be everyone is cataloguing their gifts receivable. Here is a partial list:

*Tom Jones

*Chopin Mazurkas

*Harvard Dictionary of Music

*many candles


*lotsa wine

*long coat (forthcoming)

*pitch pipe

*adorable reindeer glasses

*netflix subscription

*LOTR 2 Towers and Pirates of the Carribean DVDs


*sweet furry love from the cat

Among that given out:

*adorable reindeer plates (to cousins)

*guitar case (to husband)

*movie tickets (to inlaws)

*ferret calendar (to brother)

*saucy print (to mother)

*saucy magnets (to husband)

*Bach's Christmas Oratorio (to father)

*many gift certificates (to various siblings)

*various art center toys (to nephews)

*silly stuffed animal (to husband)

*catnip toy (to cat)

It's been a good holiday season. On Christmas we went over to my cousins for about 12 hours of eating and drinking and music--it was truly grand. Then I got home and promptly forgot to light the menorah. On Christmas Eve we had the cousins over to our place, but I was as sick as a dog, if not more so. The upshot being that once again I missed singing at the Kennedy Center. I feel that I should be more upset about this than I actually am. Alas, poor me.

The rest of the break we used for laundry and general cleaning purposes. We're pacing ourselves, and I'm cleaning a lot more slowly than I normally would. I've been working on whipping the kitchen into shape for about 2.5 days now. Eventually I'll get to cleaning the counters and stove. But I've been massively fatigued. Not sure I'll be putting in a whole day of work today. I might take New Year's Eve off entirely. We'll see how the workload goes.


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