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2004-01-05 - 12:51 p.m.

One of my cheesy gifts from a would-be vendor was a small set of bookmarks, which have a variant of the Navajo beauty prayer on them. To wit: Happily may I walk. May it be beautiful before me. May it be beautiful behind me. May it be beautiful below me. May it be beautiful above me. May it be beautiful all around me. In beauty it is finished.

When I was in high school we used to sing a round based on this blessing. Having those bookmarks really brings me back. I don't have any friends now that I can sing rounds with--that kind of relationship is mostly absent from my life. My dream is that when I have kids I'll sing rounds with them (and eventually progress into madrigals--my children will either bless me from the Carnegie Hall stage or damn me to their shrinks). For now I just listen to my few recordings of women's folk music.

Came into the office this morning to 197 messages--all but 7 of which were spam. I found myself crying piteously "But I don't like spam!" Alas, there were no Vikings in my cube (sorry, work station) to form a chorus for my protestations. Life, why are you so cruel?

Still working through Tom Jones. Fabulous book, but I'd probably get through it much more quickly if I didn't keep sneaking over to Master and Commander. Also, I must put the kibosh on my obsessive Law and Order: SVU viewing. It is obstructing my reading and musical intentions. Poor Tom Jones is alone and practically friendless, and he's sitting there in the cold while I'm happily watching detectives Stabler and Benson brilliantly solve case after case. No more, witty yet humanly frail officers of the law! You're on probation until I finish some decent literature.

I was reading an article about a woman who read 52 books in 52 weeks. Shall I make this my goal in 2004? I think I might read that already, but I've never kept count. And do large intense books like Genji count for one Elizabeth Peters or Carl Hiasen book?

Anyone who can reccomend a good biography of one or both of the Boulanger sisters (Lilli or Nadia) will be in my debt. This morning I got a crazy idea to write a biography myself, but surely that would take years and far more experience than I really have.


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