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London Calling...

2004-01-20 - 10:02 p.m.

Friday night we went out to dinner. I shall not name the restaurant. We waited 20 minutes for a menu. Then, after ordering, we waited an hour for our food while the waitress blatantly ignored us. I have some blood sugar issues, so when I felt myself on the verge of tears I had to leave the restaurant, go to the drugstore, buy food, go back to the restaurant, and wait for another 15 minutes for my food. It was nightmarish. We talked to the manager and, needless to say, our meal was complimentary.

But that was not the most surreal part of the evening. Oh no. When I was in the restroom, someone's cell phone rang. This young lady answered it, and then proceeded to have a full conversation. In the goddamn bathroom! What in Goddess' name is so important it must be discussed (at full volume, no less) in a public restroom? Evidently, according to this young lady--the events of the day; where she and her companions were currently; where they would go next; how much she had drunk; how much she had yet to drink, etc.

Am I very old and curmedgeonly, or are there somethings one just does not do? Question of the day, boys and girls.

London is calling, and tonight I answered the call with a shopping spree. Everything was on sale, naturally, but I got two pairs of pants, a cute flirty skirt, a couple of awesome tops and a fabulous pair of shoes. Yay me! I'm going through a new phase in shoe-wearing. Instead of buying one pair and literally wearing them out, I'm going to have two or three pairs and alternate. It shall be an interesting experiment. I think my shoes would last much longer if I did not trip over my own feet about 30 times a day. I hope other people out there in The World trip over their own feet, because really folks, few things make me feel more stupid and klutz-like. In my more indulgent moments I think I am a cute klutz, endearing in my stunning lack of coordination. But then the cold shards of reality break through and I realize I just look like a dork. Which, of course, I am.

I did not realize that the whole world loves London, but they do. Everyone has been giving me tips on what to go and see. N put in a request for a very special souvenir--Liam Neeson. Honey, if I could bring back Liam Neeson, do you think I'd give him up to you? Probably I would--you're just that good of a friend. Plus I'm still in my somewhat wild Johnny Depp phase. Johnny Depp and Bryn Terfel, grrrrr! Of course, the darling husband is the bright shining star of my world, and no mere phase, oh no!

Off to view Hunic Barbarians on the History Channel and to kiss the furry!


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