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2004-02-10 - 1:30 p.m.

Updates on London will come soon; perhaps as soon as tomorrow night.

Tonight is dedicated to the final night of Westminster, and exciting night it will be. Last night saw the entry of a beautiful Newfie, a standard poodle, some sort of terrier (Norfolk?)and a completely egregious Peke (which is redundant, naturally) into the final seven. The Newfie was there last year, and I want to say the poodle was also. I know the poodle (Miki) won BiS not long ago. Naturally, I'm holding out hope for the Bouvier to take best in group and also best in show. If the Bouvie doesn't take BiG, I'll support any herding dog (unless it is a corgie), with the Newfie as my secondary choice. However, I think the judge will go with either the terrier (as they often do) or with the poodle, as it is Miki's retirement year. If they go with the Peke, I'll spit. Only metaphorically, though.

I'm way too completely obsessed with this stuff. Last night I was actually talking to particularly good-looking dogs on the television. I keep hoping that one year my husband will surprise me with a trip to Westminster for Valentine's day. I think he'd rather go the opera, which is saying something. But just think of it, kids--Madison Square completely filled with dogs. Dogs as far as the eye can see and the nose can smell. It's like some sort of heaven for the canine-addicted.

However, there are no canines at my place. I do have a cat, who is just now getting over her "How dare you leave me for a whole week you ungrateful bastards!" sulk. R and I didn't bring her back a present, as we normally do. She remained plenty pissed until we went out on Sunday and brought her home a couple new toys. Now she happily chases her ribbon-fishing pole around until she's had enough and gets intimidated. Yes, my cat is only good for about 20 minutes of play before she gets scared. Of ribbon. Silly creature.

For updates on what I thought of Breastgate, go see him and check out the massive amount of comments. I appear frequently, spouting off vitriole and wild diatribes. Why? Because I'm full of love. Just for you.


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