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2004-02-25 - 1:17 p.m.

Go check out this article on working mothers and nannies. Very fair and balanced, and really puts things into perspective. Claribel Allegria wrote that to be a woman is to sacrifice. Despite all the advances in feminism, I wonder if she hasn't hit the nail on the head. It seems if you want kids, you have to sacrifice something. I'd like to stay home with my kids, at least for the first few years. I don't really see this as a sacrifice, but I look at friends who are on a fast-track in their careers and I know that's not a path I can walk right now.

Men, do you feel that to be a man is to sacrifice? My mom says that it takes guys longer to grow up because the societal pressures are so much greater: men are expected to get jobs and be the main financial supporter of their families, while women have the "out" of having kids and experiencing a different pace of life. Do you feel that by going to work 40-60 hours a week you will miss out on seeing your children grow? Are you resentful that society allows women to slow down and experience their children in such a profoundly different way?


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