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2004-03-01 - 12:38 p.m.

I have a new god, and that god is Soap. Most of the crazed slump of the past two weeks is gone, and I attribute it to religious use of The Soap. It is a small black square, but filled with divine love. If I had as much money as Mel Gibson, I'd make me a movie about the lifechanging effects The Soap has wrought upon all who touch it. Just like the old Kore chant, it changes everything it touches, and everything it touches changes.

R has been strictly enjoined not to touch The Soap unless I am present to supervise. Proper usage involves a complicated ritual of splashing and swirling and massaging and scooping foam and rinsing and maybe some more splashing. But when it is all done, and you are lightly drying your face with a towel, you feel this amazing glow of love and almost unspeakable vanity. It is surely a rush better than cocaine.

In other notable news, R expressed a keen desire to listen to a recording of one of my past performances. I think he's really starting to listen to music in a different way now that he's taking lessons. He still grumped about last night when friend J and I were discussing tonic triads and pentatonic scales, claiming he neither knew what a tonic triad was nor did he wish too.

Regarding earlier discussion: I have one man who feels that to be a man is also to sacrifice, and another who feels that men have it easier than women. Anyone else want to weigh in?


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