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2004-03-25 - 9:08 p.m.

My threats to start running are coming to fruiton! Inspired partly by her, I've joined a local program that promises to help clueless women learn how to run, although they don't phrase it like that. The program starts in mid-April and culminates in a local 5k run. I know I came up with doing this last year, but this time I think it'll work, mainly because I'm doing it with a support system of other beginners and people who know what the hell they're doing. I'm even sacrificing my Saturday mornings for this thing, which is pretty damn impressive for anyone who knows me.

Choir starts up again on Monday, and I could be looking forward to it more. Even though it was nice having Monday nights free, I really missed singing in a group setting. We're singing Voices of Light next, and I'm very excited to do this concert again. I felt it was one of the most moving concerts I've ever sung. I've also heard rumors that we're going to repeat our Lux Aeterna concert in the fall. While I loved that program (Faure Requiem and Lauridsen Lux Aeterna) I'd really like to sing some new music. If we don't do some interesting new music next year, I think I might leave FCS. While I love the choir, I think the time is starting to come for me to think about joining a more exclusive choir. I think Doug Mears is a fantastically talented conductor and I love his style, but I also need to start thinking about putting together a musical resume and there are other choirs in DC that will look better. It's hard for me to think about leaving, though. I have a lot of friends in FCS and am just starting to get solos and do outreach concerts, and I don't want to give that up.

Spring has finally sprung in DC. It's lovely out, and is supposed to be in the mid 70s tomorrow. I know most of my readers are in CA and think mid 70s is like, the middle of winter, man, but I'm wild with joy. This is going to be the spring and summer of Being Active. In addition to the running, R and I bought some kayaking gear--PDFs (lifejackets) and a couple paddling shirts. We're going to start doing some more day trips and will take classes this summer. Hopefully we'll be able to get a couple kayaks in the next year or so. Even though we only went once last summer, both of us have been itching to get out on the river since it's been warminig up. It's nice to have an activity we can do together. We're fairly equal in a kayak. He can go much faster than I can when he tries, but I can easily keep up with him when he's just going Normal Speed. I'd really love to have this become a part of our lives.

Last but not least, R reports that we are now the proud owners of 4 new hubcaps he bought on eBay.


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