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2004-04-12 - 11:06 a.m.

Arrrrgh. I'm back on the whole Watching What I Eat kick. Which totally explains why I ate probably 3/4 cup of pate last night. Yeah.

Today I'm off food. Completely. I can't think of anything that I don't find completely naseous, unless it is a plate of plain pasta with some olive oil. Or a muffin. Even chocolate isn't doing it for me today. And NO, I'm not pregnant.

To continue on the subtle kid theme that's been going on in this journal, random people keep asking me about kids. We got my rings cleaned the other day at the mall, and the woman in the jewelry store asked us how long we'd been married. Upon hearing that we've been legally one flesh for one and a half years, she asked "Any kids yet?" What business is this of yours, lady? Friends ask us when we're going to have kids. I'd love to reply "When you move out here and babysit them, we'll consider it." Don't get me wrong, kids are definitely in my future, but I was always taught that it's something you NEVER ask other people about unless they're immediate family, and even then, the inquiries should be limited to one a year. Some of you might be reading this and think I'm overreacting, but stop for a minute and think about it--what if the people you're badger about this are trying to have kids and running into problems? In that case, not only are your questions invasive, they're also cruel.

And another thing, for all you SoCal kids. When I tell you about how much houses are running here, don't preach on to me about how lucky I am and how expensive everything there is. I'm aware you're in the worst housing market in the country. Guess what? I'm in the third worst housing market in the country! Just because it's cheaper doesn't mean it's cheap. Don't forget your wages are higher than mine. It's not like giant houses here are $200K, or anywhere even remotely close to that. Yes, I'm aware shitholes there are going for $600K. Guess what?? Shitholes here that are half the size of your shitholes are going for $300K. That seems to make us pretty goddamn even.

Actually, no one who reads this journal has done either of these things. But other people have, and I'm just warning ya'll.


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