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I didn't think I was an intellectual snob

2004-04-13 - 2:13 p.m.

Today is officially The Slowest Day. Ever. (to be said a la the Comic Book Store guy from The Simpsons)

Last night I had another one of my cherished illusions shattered. I thought John Donne was a household name, like Dante or Milton. Turns out, he's not. Not at all. I thought everyone in high school read "The Flea" and giggled at the inherent naughtiness therein. Yeah. Wrong again. I was mercilessly mocked for this belief.

This is like when I found out in college that not everyone knows who Gloria Steinem is. I almost cried.

Shit, Dante and Milton are household names, aren't they?

Omigawd, if this day goes any slower I'm going to seriously chew nails.


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