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2004-04-16 - 1:54 p.m.

Another busy weekend up ahead. Tomorrow morning I go to the first meeting of my runner's group. Predictably, I've been avoiding the gym like it contains some uber-strain of cholera. I'm quite certain I'll pay for that tomorrow. But onwards and upwards. I have my digital watch, my running shoes, two-pair running shorts, and a nice variety of sports bras. I'll start off running in 5 minute intervals.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm off to see La Cenerentola at the Kennedy Center. One of R's professors said the production was "worthy of distinction," so I have high hopes. I would think Rossini is incapable of writing a boring opera, but I guess we'll find out soon enough, eh?

Sunday is full of househunting. I was planning on keeping this whole thing a secret, but really see no reason to anymore. We've been dealing with Getting A Home for the past month and half. It has been infinitely more stressful than planning my wedding.

When you start this whole thing, you think getting financing will be the worst thing. And that was no picnic. But it's nothing compared to the bidding process. R and I placed a bid on a pretty little place this past weekend. There were 11 other contracts and the house went for 10% over asking price.

The actual process of going out and looking at houses is not nearly as much fun as you'd think. You see gorgeous places you can't afford, shitty places you can afford, and then, every so often, a nice place within your price range. At that point, instead of letting yourself get excited, you need to sit down and think "How much do I want this and how much above asking price will I go?" You put in your offer, waiving all sorts of contingencies you never thought you'd waive when you started the process. Then comes the awful sleepless night when you're waiting to hear back. If you're lucky, you're in and you start the nerve-wracking process of closing the deal (which I've heard involves faxing the bank every document you've ever produced, including your third grade biography of Lincoln). If you're not lucky, you start the search all over again, looking for a place that's not going to attract too much attention and yet won't take $30,000 worth of work to be livable. It's an emotionally exhausting cycle. I've got my eye on a couple places for this weekend, and we'll see how it goes.


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