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2004-06-25 - 9:20 a.m.

I desperately need to update my Gold membership again, because everytime I try to update this diary I get the Purple Screen of Death telling me I can't update because everyone else who is So Much Worthier than I am has decided to update and I must move to the back of the line immediately, please.

The house is good. I'm now sleeping on a futon, and am not scheduled to sleep in actual bed again until sometime in mid-July. We need to get some plumbing work done, so I can't move all the furniture into the house as soon as I'd like. I'd go off on the plumbing issue, but it might turn out to be a Legal Matter and I don't want to do anything to jepoardize anything, if you know what I mean.

But I've entered the frightening world of the Homeowner. This weekend we have a long, scroll-like list of Things to Do. This includes retrimming the azaela bushes, which continue to block our windows; poison the poison ivy in our yard; weed the front AND back yards; possibly rip out some plants from the back yard; order a worm box and some worms; start painting the house with sample colors; laundry; putting away shit which has been brought over this week; purchasing and installing a shelving system for the tool shed; moving tools into said tool shed, but not before; purchasing and using a shop vac (can anyone say New Toy for my husband?) to rid said tool shed of vermin; putting vermin poison around the house to rid house of vermin; cleaning the inside of the house; and finally, drooling incoherently at the end of the day, followed by a round of gentle sobbing in the fetal position and soft protestations that "I only want a bed, goddamnit! It's my goddamn right as a goddamn American to sleep in a goddamn bed!" Oh yes: Rick must also mow the lawn.

Some of you may be caught up on an item in the previous list. We don't have enough space to compost, so I'm getting a worm box instead. This is, as one might guess, a special box in which worms live. I can take my kitchen waste (tea bags, leftover bread and vegetables, maybe some pasta if it has no sauce on it), mince it (or more likely, put it in the mini-food processor) and then feed it to the worms. As the worms work through it, they produce what my husband calls "worm crap" and everyone in the worm world calls "castings." Worm castings are great fertilizer, and shall be put to wonderful use in our yard. I think I can chop up garden waste (azaela clippings, anyone?) and feed that to the worms also. It goes without saying that I'm extremely excited about my worms; I am, however, the tiniest bit apprehensive about where they'll live in the winter. You obviously can't let them freeze, so the worms might have to come live inside with us during the coldest months.

My 5K is approaching rather swiftly. I've not been able to get out running 4 times a week, rather averaging 2 times a week. Still, things are going pretty well, and I'm not concerned about being able to finish the race. I would like to shoot for finishing the race in 30 minutes, however. This might be more of a problem. I need to be really diligent in the next month.


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