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2004-07-19 - 9:38 a.m.

Our shit is (mostly) moved and I could not be happier to get that behind me. I'm tottering around the office like an old woman today, but I'm not sure how much of that is because my muscles are so tired they think they are still in bed and how much is because I'm wearing the incredible blister-making sandals. Sure they hurt my feet. But they're kicky. And more importantly, they don't require me to tear the house apart in pursuit of socks. Let's get our priorities straight.

The 5K went pretty well. I've not been running at all lately, so it was a struggle to finish. But finish I did, and I finished with a strong sprint, coming in around 36 minutes. I'm not sure of the exact time, as I was concentrating on breathing rather than looking at my watch as I crossed the finish line. Next up will be either a 10K or the Army Ten-Miler or possibly both. I'm hoping to do some running in CA.

That's it for today. That, and this: Spidey 2 was a great movie, and I enjoyed it. But MJ leaving her fiance at the altar? Sorry bitch, you should make those decisions beforehand. If you have to leave him at the altar, at least be woman enough to talk to him face to face instead of just running away. Your fiance seemed like a decent, stand-up guy, and just because he didn't moon around the streets wearing spandex doesn't mean he deserves to be treated like shit. I especially love how MJ kissed her fiance upside down, trying to figure out if he's Spiderman. If she thought he was, would she have left him at the altar? Stupid cow. I find Mary Jane to be an extremely unappealing character and am befuddled by Peter Parker's spaniel-like devotion.


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