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September 11, 2004

2004-09-11 - 7:33 p.m.

Nothing in our world has changed. Reality is no different today than it was September 10, 2001. But now our eyes are open. Now we may see the true shape of things; but not the shape of what is to come. It's a wide, scary world out there; a world where children aren't safe in their schools. This September 11, I find myself thinking not so much of the victims of three years ago as of those Russian schoolchildren. As lucky as we were to ride the Metro today free of fear, I have to wonder how long is this luck going to hold out? Can we claim a victory against terror while children are being massacred?

Yet this year, Sept. 11 finally felt like a normal day. R had a friend in from out of town; we met in the city, had lunch at a nice restaurant, went (again!) to the Spy Museum, and now I've awakened from a nap with the cat. R is outside dealing with car hygeine. We might head to the gym tonight, but I'm doing an 8K race tomorrow so don't want to do much more than hang out in the hot tub.

I take this as a sign of hope. What a blessing, to carry on our lives. To come home from a day in the city to our house, to plan projects for next week, next year. To take a nap with a sweet bundle of fur and talk on the phone with a beloved friend. As Gerald Stern might say, "Lucky life, oh lucky life."

I wish you all luck.


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