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2004-10-08 - 3:51 p.m.

I am so freaking hungry all the time this week. I guess my metabolism is stepped up what with the running and the weights. However, I don't seem to be loosing any weight, so maybe I have an intestinal parasite.

At some point I shall make a tally of how often I refer to intestinal parasites. I have a hunch it is oftener than I would like.

Tomorrow I'm running ten miles, and I'll see how I'm doing. I've made an appointment for a massage two days after the race, and tonight I'm going to make an appointment at the spa by my gym for a foot treatment for race-day afternoon. I'm pretty darn sure I'll deserve it. Also tomorrow I'm going to start experimenting with Ultima, which is an energy powder you mix in with your water. Coach Carla says you must start slowly, or you'll puke on race day. Honestly, that's my main goal: make it through the race with no puking.

I took the money that was earmarked for an aquarium and used it to sign up for my sight-singing class instead. I had originally dropped out, as we can't afford it now that we live in Mortgage-land. But the money from various relatives more than covers the class, and I've only missed one session, so I'm rejoining and am so happy about it. In addition to the fact that I've noticed a major difference musically, I really enjoy the instructor and my classmates. I'm still feeling a little disconnected these days, and the class is pretty intimate. It's nice. This year I get to learn my minor solfege, which is adorable because I tend to vastly prefer minor keys. Or even better, modes. Yay modes!!

Right now I'm listening to a lot of Bach. At this moment, the Magnificat. When I got this album (John Eliot Gardiner, Monteverdi Choir, excellent recording), I started weeping during the Gloria, because honestly, no one has written better music. Don't get me wrong, I am still a Mozart girl, but there is simply no one who wrote better music than Bach. I think one can argue that Mozart's operas (particularly Don G and Le Nozze) are on the same level, but no one exceeded Bach. I remember reading someplace an article on the trend to take tempi too fast, and someone remarking after a particularly atrocious performance of Bach's B Minor "Too bad, because it really is the finest music ever written."

I also just purchased Rite of Spring off iTunes. I don't think I've listened to the whole piece in years. Years and years. I'm looking forward becoming reacquainted with it. As I informed R this morning, this piece is perhaps best known for causing riots (riots!) in Paris when it was premeired. I always think of Frenchfolk running through the streets of gay Paree, tearing their hear, breaking store windows, setting things aflame, all the while screaming "It is an outrage! The rhythms, they are so unorthodox! The music, she is full of whines and wails! I was so distressed I did not even make sweet love to my mistress!" I love the fact that people were once so into classical music that they would literally riot about it. How great is that? Today, people just make snarky comments online about the death of classical music.

In talking with another musician here at the office, the question came up: how do you find classical music other than being exposed from childhoos. Specifically, opera, which seems to get a pretty bad rap from the media (Watch Smallville sometime). So if you, my readers, were not exposed to classical music as a child but now find yourself listening, let me know how you came to this glorious realm.


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