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Debate 2: excited...

2004-10-08 - 11:38 p.m.

Gee, I hope Bush packed a lunch this morning, cause Kerry took him to school. Fox News' (unscientific) poll declared Kerry the winner by 70%. Fox News!

For the first time, I find myself thinking Kerry can win. I'm allowing myself to think we're prepared to deal with the cheating and hte lies and the cheap attempts to disenfranchise voters. Kerry could win. Kerry could win, and this country start to get back on track.

Some quick impressions from watching tonight:

-From the very start, Bush looked exhausted, stressed and petulant. Kerry looked fresh and optimistic.
-Bush cut the moderator off and was rude; Kerry made the moderator laugh
-Bush seemed very defensive.
-Four years ago Gore tried to convey "You're full of shit, W" with sighs, rolled eyes, etc. Kerry conveyed this by just smiling to himself when he heard something particularly egregious. In addition to looking about a thousand times more mature, this gave the impression that he had just heard something that he could use to his advantage. It made him look in control.
-When Kerry spoke, the audience looked very sympathetic. Many of them were nodding in agreement. When Bush spoke, the audience looked skeptical, stone-faced.
-Bush, while attempting to talk about Kerry, actually said "Senator Kennedy."
--The most frequently used phrase in our house during this debate was "What the fuck is he even talking about? What the fuck does that even mean?" Without exception, this phrase was used when W was speaking.

We can win! We can do it! IT IS NOT OVER YET!!!


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