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2004-10-22 - 4:47 p.m.

Things are starting to calm down a little. I worked like an IN-SANE woman on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, to the point where R started shifting around, saying things like "Will you ever come home?" and "They don't really pay you for overtime, right?" So I took yesterday off. I was feeling kind of crappy, but also kind of caught up, so R and I just stayed at home and slept.

Work has absolutely consumed me lately, consumed me to the point that on Tuesday, after my voice lesson, I seriously contemplated (for a millisecond, but still) going back to work and finishing up some stuff. At 8:30 at night. After I'd already put in a ten-hour day. Fortunately, I didn't, instead going home and watching South Park.

R goes away for a whole week next Monday, and this will be the longest we've been apart in a really long time. I think this is actually our first separation since we've been married. If I let myself dwell on it, I could get really depressed. But the truth is, he's leaving on next Monday and returning the following Monday. Here's my schedule for the week:

Monday: rehearsal, 7:30-10
Tuesday: massage 6-7
Wednesday: voice lesson, 7-8
Thursday: rehearsal, 7-10
Friday: rehearsal, 7-10
Saturday: rehearsal, 9:30-3, concert, 4 pm
Sunday: sight-singing class, 5:30-7

So really, it's not like I would be seeing him next week even if he were here. The hardest part about him going away is trying to go to sleep in an empty house. That's the only time I tend to get a little weepy. However, I've never been home alone with the cat before (aside from a few nights here and there) and I think she'll mitigate a lot of the "I'm alone in the cold cold world and my husband is 3,000 miles away, having fun and not missing me" thing I can go through when R is gone. In fact, I don't anticipate any of that malarkey.

Sunday is the Army Ten Miler, and R is staying around to cheer me on for that. Speaking of which, I need to wrap up my work here so I can go pick up my racing packet and racing chip. The race is the reason why I'm treating myself to a massage on Tuesday, by the way. In case any of you were wondering, which you probably weren't. I am a dull woman!

In a last, heart-warming anecdote, this message popped up in my inbox today: "Mom, I snuck upstairs and used your computer to send you an email with a picture Daddy took. I'm so cunning and I'm so furry. I'm so furry. I'm so furry! --Thistle (the cat)" Tell me I do not have the sweetest husband in the world. Just tell me, and I'll scratch your goddamn eyeballs out. Or, as I have so recently learned, "Me cago en la puta que te pario."


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