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random election thoughts

2004-11-02 - 3:24 p.m.

Every time the Boston Red Sox have won the World Series in an election year, the Democrats have taken the White House.

Every time the Redskins have lost the last game before the election, the incumbent party also looses the White House.

R and I bought some champagne a month ago for no reason, and it is sitting in the fridge.

Electoral Vote Tracker is calling it for Kerry. So are a couple other people.

A co-worker who called undecided voters in Wisconsin said all but 4 people she talked to are voting for Kerry. Her friend is working with MoveOn in Ohio and feels confident Ohio will go to Kerry.

People are turning out to vote in record numbers today.

In footage seen on the Daily Show, Bush looked worried. Actually, no. He looked freaked out and scared. (A co-worker and I agree that Jon Stewart is the sexiest Jew in America today. Except the husband, obviously.)

All the signs are pointing to Kerry winning. I'm daring to hope. I'm daring to sit here at my desk and write this sentence: I think John Kerry will win this election. I'm calling it for Kerry.

A man outside my polling place held a sign reading "A Vote for Kerry 'is' A Vote for Osama." Why put "is" in quotes? Was he trying to be ironically hip? Or is it simply that people that stupid can't understand basic punctuation rules, much less complex geopolitical realities? I had half a mind to tell him (politely) how offended I was that at that sentiment, but I knew anyone who would stand with a sign like that would not be able to engage in rational discourse concerning a different opinion. And rationally, which man all but abandoned the search for bin Laden in favor for going after Sadaam Hussein? That man proved one point: things have gotten so bad in the Bush camp that fear-mongering is their best hope of re-election. Sorry, asshat. If I don't take that shit from terrorists, what makes you think I'll take it from you?

If Kerry wins tonight, I don't think I'll ever have been more proud to be an American. If Kerry wins tonight, the citizens of this country will have pulled ourselves back from the brink of something ugly, frightening, and totally alien to our concept of America.

I leave you with the obligatory imperative: VOTE!


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