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2004-12-16 - 4:13 p.m.

So much to say and so little time in which to say it. When I get a few moments, possibly over the weekend, I'll post a detailed review of SciFi Channel's "Legend of Earthsea." For now, let's just say they took two beloved books, magically turned them into a giant litterbox and shat all over said metaphorical litterbox.

The printer from H E L L has been fixed. Bravo, brave tech-support guy! But wait--tech-support did not naught but chew on his lip. Instead, the fabulous Prince R noticed an unplugged cable, plugged it in, and voila! the printer sprang to life, oddly reminiscent of Frankenstein's monster (in that it itself is not evil, but rather reflects the evil inclinations of its creator). I was pissed off beyond all reason, but now that it is working (somewhat) again, I am managing to control my rage.

The rest of the Kennedy Center peformances went swimmingly, and we got a very good review in the Washington Post. There was mention of ou sound being silvery, tender and inspired.

Some whacked-out group has done a study on portrayals of religion in the media, and is now comparing TV's mocking stereotypes of the religious (in poor taste, I'll grant you, though funny as shit) to the stereotyping of Jews preceding the Holocaust (in much poorer taste). Then the president of said group goes on to say something like: "Is it because the Jews own Hollywood and they're looking out for their own? No, I don't think that, but everyone recognizes that Jews need to be respected." Okay, asshole. If you didn't think that, then why the hell did you say it? And granted, when someone is getting mocked on TV for being religious, chances are good they're Christian--but chances are also good that most of the other people on the show are Christian too. When was the last time you saw a show involving a Chanukah miracle, or anything dealing with the High Holidays or Passover? Sure, Jews don't get mocked on TV, but we also don't generally get religious exposure. Jewish TV characters are Jewish by culture, not religion. So please don't go preaching the standard bullshit of how Christians are mocked and persecuted in this country, especially after the recent election. If you're going to start talking about people being persecuted for their religion, please don't hold the Jews responsible, which is what it seemed like this man was trying to insinuate. An article about this can be found in the LA Times.


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