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2005-01-11 - 10:32 a.m.

As I've amended in my last post, Cosgrove has dropped his terrible idea of a bill. Rep. Cosgrove, thanks for listening to the voices of your constituents. And also that of reason. If you promise not to go all Ceauceascu on our asses, we promise not to go all Christmas Revolution on yours. Deal?
So, due to the Glance of Searing Deathly Hatred my coughing provoked last week, I finally got off my ass and went to the doctor. Verdict? Chronic bronchitis. Now I have two inhalers, and you may all officially call me Wheezy. I'm on Advair as a maintenance, and I also got an Rx for albuterol to use "as needed." I took a pull of that shit yesterday, and boy howdy, it was as though I had injected a double shot of espresso directly into my veins. It's amazing how just experiencing all the symptoms I usually associate with anxiety can automatically make me incredibly, how shall I say, anxious. I kept feeling that there was something hideous and crucial weighing on my mind, and yet, not. R assures me that the side effects get better as one continues to use the inhaler. But I must say, although my soul felt weighted down by crushing responsibility, the omnipresent tightness in my chest started to ease, and gosh kids, but I forgot what it was like not to have inflamed bronchial passages. It feels pretty good! So props to R, because my adamant protestations of "it's just a winter cough and they can't do anything" turned out to be wrong, and I am loving the non-tight-chesty feeling! I admit, freely and offically, you were right and I was wrong.
However, R was wrong wrong wrong about his reluctance to use our Wedding Wok. We received a wok at my wedding shower in July 2002, and last night I used it for the first time. We had marinated some chicken (okay, 5 breasts), but as I had rehearsal last night, I didn't have enough time to bake it. So I chopped up a couple peppers which needed to be used, chopped up 2 breasts, and proceeded to do a quick stir-fry. 20 minutes after the chopping had commenced, we had a lovely chicken-and-peppers dinner. Then I ran away to choir rehearsal, and R chopped up the three remaining breasts and wokked the living hell out of them. I packed some of his chickeny bounty for lunch today, and once I combine it with jasmine rice and steamed vegetables (for a total of like 2 dollars from the Thai restaurant downstairs), I too can be one of the cool girls with my own healthful yet delicious lunch! I'm all about using the wok in the future, because hello! Simple yet quick! And it makes me feel deliciously cosmopolitan.


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