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winter is finally here

2005-01-19 - 12:08 p.m.

Yenta Report: I woke up this morning coughing so badly I could barely draw breath. I'm hoping this is just a reaction to the snow and cold, but if it's not siginificantly better tomorrow I'm headed in for stronger steroids. If only Mizinha the Cat was still alive--we'd have something in common! I'm frustrated--up until Monday, this was working like a charm. I was barely coughing, and when I was it wasn't deep. But since Monday, I've been steadily detoriating, and the inhalers don't seem to be nearly as effective as they were last week. I want to be clear--I'm not worried about this. They checked out my lung function last week, and it was golden. I'm not experiencing any shortness of breath or anything like that. I could certainly go through the rest of the winter with this cough and be none the worse for wear. I'm just frustrated. It was fun not having a hacking cough that make people prefer a leper's company. It was a gas not having my bronchial passages so inflamed it felt like there was a stone sitting on my chest. One has so much more energy without Hideous Hacking Cough of Death. Plus, any plans to get back into running are seriously curtailed by this shit. And perhaps most annoying, R is now calling me his "little lunger," insisting this is what they called thems with TB back in the olden days, and blithely ignoring the fact that I DO NOT HAVE TB!!!!

Still, in the grand scheme of life, all that is a minor annoyance. It's snowing here, and while I'm not looking forward to the inevitable hideous commute due to Snow! + Inauguration! (we drove in today so that I didn't have to walk outside with my pathetic lungs), I am really enjoying a snowy day in DC. If my lungs weren't so craptacular, I'd love to take a quick walk around the block. Snow is supposed to continue tomorrow, and be back with a vengeance on Saturday into Sunday. I'm so looking forward to sitting by the fire and watching the snow fall. I've been looking forward to that ever since we bought the house. What a treat! What a delight!


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