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more boring stuff about my health

2005-01-27 - 10:01 a.m.

Since my last entry I developed a sinus infection. I also had a lovely episode where I foolishly walked all the way to the metro instead of cutting through the mall, which saw me collapsing onto the train seat, coughing and struggling for breath, frantically searching for my inhaler, while people stared at me as though I was some sort of bag lady. I resisted the urge to groan "Plague!!" and freak them out even more. To be fair, they did look concerned, and not nasty and judgmental.

This was Monday, and Tuesday I went to the doctor. I'm now on so much medecine I think I offically qualifiy for the senior citizen discount. In addition to my inhalers, I'm on Claritin, Sudafed and Augmentin. I take all this shit twice a day, except for the Claritin. After a restful day yesterday in bed, my sinus infection is on the way out and my spoken words can again be understood. The cough was much better yesterday, although every time I step outside I cough for about an hour. I think the cat thinks I have a hairball. She's been very concerned about me, sticking her face in mine and meowing at me to make sure I don't slip into a comatose state while trying to sleep. Last night she even tested the water I had on my nightstand, just to make sure it wasn't poisoned or anything.

Hopefully soon I'll have something else to post about other than my health. I'm sure all this is very boring, but it's been all-consuming to me these past couple weeks. When I get sick, I rarely feel that I'm battling something--probably because I tend to take a day off and sleep, thereby overcoming most colds right away. But trying to get over this cough has been a battle, and it's been interfering with every aspect of my life. I've already had to take two days off during the busiest part of the year, and I'm trying not to take more. I've gotten really weak physically, and when I do get back into the gym, I'm going to have to build up again by just walking. I've been gaining weight because I'm so sedentary--even going up and down the stairs leaves me out of breath.

R has been a prince--he stayed home yesterday to take care of me, bringing me breakfast and lunch in bed, and wrapping me up downstairs next to the fire for my afternoon nap. He's been very sweet about going up and down the stairs for me, and hasn't made any comments about the cat spending all her time with me. He's the most wonderful husband in the world.


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