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2005-02-08 - 5:23 p.m.

Special message to Gryffon--I am a crappy friend, because I only remember to return your phone call when I cannot make said phone call. I am thinking of you! I don't hate you!

I have been Ms.Terrible Correspondant lately, so to all of you, I hereby apologize. La Femme C, I do not keep in touch with you nearly as well as I should, and there is significant guilt about that. I swear a phone call to you for a long talk and gossip is high on my list of communication priorities, but that list never seems to make it to the top of my other priorities list.

I think the long haul in Lung Crap 2005 (hat tip: Luis) is over, for those of you who've been following along. I'm still trying to balance out anti-histamines and steroids, but I have it down. I'm certainly not coughing the way I was before, and my lungs feel much stronger. Although I get the cough every year, for whatever reason this year it was really really terrible, and I hope now that it's been diagnosed that I'm able to keep it under control in the future.

I'm gearing up for Workplace Annual Conference, which takes place in Undisclosed Lone Star City. Forunately, I'm not really excited about seeing the city--which is good, because I'll be working the conference newspaper and won't have any time to see anything. Oh, except when I walk the 8 blocks to my hotel late at night. I'm seriously considering taking a taxi and charging it to Workplace. I shouldn't be expected to take risks with my safety, and I think any reasonable person would agree that a young woman walking 8 blocks in an unfamiliar city alone at 10:30 at night is officially a RISKY ACT.

Singing is going very well, even through Lung Crap 2005. We have small group solos (soli) for which I auditioned last night, and of course I got one--because I rawk! Actually, it has much more to do with how the particular voices blend. And maybe a little bit of favoritism. I don't know about personal favoritism, because my awesome cousin didn't get one and she's sure as hell a favorite. But our director definitely has favorite voices, which he always uses and assigns. Last year when he farmed out some women for the National Memorial Day Concert, it was definitely his list of favorites--and sure enough, many of the same gals are singing in these two small groups. Some people are upset by that. Granted, I'm saying this from inside the group of favorites, but: I don't know that it's such a bad thing to have a core group whose voices you really like and know blend well together.

Okay, now its time to go catch a bus to go SHOPPING! Ha Ha! By which statement you can tell I truly am feeling better, because my shopping enthusiasm is limited at best, and it is the absolute last goddamn thing I ever want to do when I'm feeling poorly. Aside, evidently from talking to my friends--or anyone. I swear, if you are sad or insulted, please just remember that I haven't been talking to anyone except my husband, occasionally my mother, and the cat. Always always always the cat.


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