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101 in 1001

2005-02-10 - 5:19 p.m.

I stole this from Heather. This are 101 things. I have 1001 days in which to do them. That's a little under three years. Some will be easy, some more of a challenge. I'll be surprised if I can get everything crossed off, but here's my list of goals, resolutions, and desires for the next three years of my life. As I accomplish each thing, I'll put in in bold or some other such shit.

1. Keep the kitchen clean and tidy for at least a month
2. Go to the gym 3 days a week for 3 months
3. Get my book club to read a major work of literature, along the lines of Dante’s Inferno or Milton’s Paradise Lost--ETA: Book Club is now dead, so this goal is also.
4. Edit my husband’s dissertation
5. Go to the Berkshire Choral Festival
6. Sing at the Kennedy Center again
7. Audition for a professional choir in DC
8. Go see a movie in a movie theater at least once every six months
9. Go out on a real date with my husband—one where we dress up and go out to a nice DC restaurant.
10. Go on a picnic with my husband
11. Do more girls nights out—involving a couple different friends
12. Have people over to our house at least once every 3-4 months
13. Finally finally throw our house-warming party
14. Decorate another Christmas tree with ornaments from my childhood
15. Join a temple
16. Start trying to get pregnant
17. Start up my freelance editing business
18. Write something
19. Submit something for publication
20. Finally meet my friend Z.K. face-to-face
21. Build a snowman
22. Paint the living room
23. Run the Army Ten Miler every year of these 1001 days
24. Run it faster each time
25. Run through the winter
26. Run another 5K---in under 30 minutes ETA: I think I meant to write 30 minutes in here originally, because 25 is just insane for me.
27. Reread the Jane Austen oeuvre
28. Go on a vacation with my husband which does not involve seeing family—just the two of us, going someplace on our own—for at least 5 days, or it’s not a vacation, just a mini-break.
29. Go back to Berkeley Springs
30. Go back to Chincoteague
31. Kayaking!
32. Buy a pair of long black boots
33. Take a knitting class
34. Knit something other than a scarf
35. Or a shawl. Something really complicated, with cables and a pattern and shit.
36. Something people would pay money for—perhaps at my choir’s annual silent auction.
37. Knit something really nice for my mother
38. Take one day off of work and dedicate it to just hanging out with the husband--I did this on my week off.
39. Take one day off of work and dedicate it to just hanging out by myself

40. Go to at least 5 free DC museums
41. Go to Colonial Williamsburg
42. Call my grandmother once a month
43. Take more pictures with my friends
44. Keep my eyebrows well groomed and not allow them to become bushy harbringers of hell.
45. Ditto for my hair.
46. Stop trying to be friends with people who don’t want to be my friend.
47. Start being a better friend to people who do want to be my friend.
48. Spend a day with my husband doing whatever he wants to do.
49. Spend a day with my husband doing whatever I want to do.
50. Get all my unframed art framed
51. Get all my framed art hung up
52. Cook dinner at least 4 nights a week for a month. And by “cook,” I mean actually cook, not just throw frozen chicken tenders into the oven.
53. Take a yoga class
54. Design a website
55. Learn one new skill to put on my resume
56. Redesign my garden
57. Grow and eat something. Anything.
58. Get someone else started with vermicomposting.
59. Have a wine-tasting party
60. Host Thanksgiving
61. Get a new kitchen table.
62. Go to the beach for a weekend—off season.
63. Spend a whole weekend not watching any form of television.
64. Volunteer with a charity other than my choir.
65. Make at least one new friend
66. Finish Myst 3, which I think I’ve had for 3 years. A dedicated gamer I am not.
67. Next time my mother-in-law visits, get the house to the point where she’ll be impressed with it. Even if this means hiring a maid before she comes.
68. Cook a gourmet meal completely from scratch for my cousins, who are constantly feeding us.
69. Bring in a really nice lunch for my coworker BD, who is constantly feeding me.
70. Cook a gourmet dinner from scratch and eat it by candlelight with my husband
71. Read James Joyce’s Ulysses.
72. Brush up on my French.
73. Get rid of the old coffee table that is currently living in our upstairs hallway. It is on its side, and the cat perches on top of it when she’s feeling pissy. She perches, and glares.
74. Compose another song
75. Learn a Bach cantata
76. Put together a wedding scrapbook, thereby getting rid of the shoebox filled with wedding cards and other shit from The Big Day
77. Keep the kitchen table (relatively) clear of crap for at least a month.
78. Get the goddamn piano tuned already, damnit!
79. Go to Ireland
80. Go to Boston
81. Host a New Year’s Eve party
82. Cook at least one recipe from every single one of my recipe books. Even the complicated Ghiradelli one that I just got for the chocolate porn.
83. Get a couples’ massage with my husband
84. Write more letters, and actually send them to people
85. Get back to swimming on a regular basis
86. See Andreas Scholl, countertenor extraordinaire, in concert
87. Read the last 5 Pulitzer-winning novels
88. Read at least one major work by the last 5 Nobel Laureates (in literature, of course)
89. Organize my e-mail inbox, which right now has almost 300 unread messages.
90. Loose weight. Again. But this time, keep it off.
91. Write a letter to my local state representative
92. Complete my Buffy DVD collection—this means seasons 5, 6 and 7.
93. Do daily updates on here for a month
94. Go ice-skating
95. Expand my vocal range on the top
96. Learn German, at least enough to pronounce well
97. Buy fewer desserts
98. Make more desserts
99. Brush the cat at least once a week. On a regular basis.
100. Start keeping track of lunar cycles again
101. Learn the names of common plants and trees in my ecological neighborhood. It’s only courtesy to know the names of your neighbors.


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