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2005-03-29 - 4:58 p.m.

Somehow my template got totally screwed up--not sure how. I'm thinking about heading on over to TypePad--any idea if things are better there?

Sunday was spent in the pursuit of puerco pibil. R and I are pretty big Robert Rodgriguez fans, and as anyone who owns the DVD of Once Upon a Time in Mexico knows, there is a "10 Minute Coooking School" extra featurette instructing interested parties in the making of said pibil. Saturday night we went to our yummylicious new gourmet grocery store to purchase ingredients. Little tip: don't try to buy 5 lbs of pork butt the night before Easter. I thought you goyim ate ham or lambs or some shit. Evidently you also eat pork roast. So we bought our (many smaller packages of) of pork, as well as many other delectables. Sunday morning I went out to the GRAND! International Food Market in seach of annatto seeds, which could only be found ground. Luis, do they have whole annatto seeds in CA? If so, we need to import some to this side of the (god-forsaken) country. Sadly, I could not procure any tequila, as our state-sanctioned liquor stores don't sell liquor on Baby Jesus's Ressurection Day. (Christians, I support you and your religion, and I swear, I've got your back. But I don't advocate for shutting down all restaurants on Yom Kippur, so kindly let me drink me frustrations away on Easter, please?) After about an hour and a half of preparation (which included me literally almost passing out from deseeding two habanero peppers. Evidently the fumes are about as bad as paint for one's ailing lungs), it was finally done and in the oven. Four hours later, we sat down with a nice red, popped in OUATIM, and proceeded to eat our delicious pibil.

The down side? We've eaten the damn stuff for three days in a row. Next time we halve the recipe, or at least invite others to partake of our gourmet goodness.

I suppose since everyone else is commenting on The Schiavo Case, I shall as well. WHEN DID THIS SHIT BECOME ANY OF OUR FUCKING BUSINESS??? Other than that: kiddies, make sure you have this conversation with your families now, while you're still healthy. Get it down in longhand and keep it in a safe place. I feel bad for everyone in this whole screwed-up situation. And although this is none of my business, I do feel compelled to point out, to those who say Schiavo's parents should be allowed to keep her if that's what they want, that this really shouldn't be about what her parents or her husband want. It's supposed to be about what Schiavo wanted. And U.S. Congress? Please note I say this with all due respect and this is coming from a very patriotic place, but seriously? Fuck off. How about some goddamn affordable health care so we can all avoid situations like this? Mmm-kay?

Work is still very demanding, but I'm making a solid committment to not staying past 7 pm on any given day. 7 pm and I'm out, unless someone is literally on fire. Or missing a limb. I'll make an exception for that as well.

I hope you can see this, and that my template has not gotten screwed up past the easy fix.


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