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2005-05-03 - 5:06 p.m.

Wow. Suddenly it's been weeks and weeks since I posted anything in here.

I've been running again. My muscles are sore and my lungs are feeling it and I'm a good ten pounds heavier than last time I did this, but it still feels wonderful to lace up my shoes and get out there on the trails. On the plus side, I'm picking up speed more easily than I did last year, and am pushing myself rather than just putting one stumbling foot in front of the other. My goal is 10 minute miles, which will shave at over 5 minutes off my earlier 5K time of 37:18. I was not well-prepared for last year's race and wound up walking much of it. I'd love to get under 30 minutes for this year, but I'm aiming for 32 minutes. I'll be adding some more speed work into my workouts in another couple weeks, which hopefully will pay off.

Sometimes I'm not sure I see the sense of posting in here. It's not as though I have anything profound to say, nor do I have a wide and dedicated readership. I think maybe about 5 people read this, and almost all of you are caught up on my day-to-day humdrum life anyway.


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