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2005-05-13 - 9:43 a.m.

Because my life is full of love and joy, I had a small surprise waiting for me when I got to work this morning. I looked down at my feet, clad in my adorable 3-year-old slides, and found my left big toe covered in blood. Evidently the blister I had gotten from the shoes earlier decided to pop most magnificently. So now I'm wandering around the halls all barefoot, like some petite gamine, all waifish and Bohemian and shit. Okay, not waifish, cause girls with my figure don't ever get called "waifish." But Bohemian, sure. Hell, I could star in La Boheme. Just call me Mimi, because the cough, she is also back. Yes, after a charming asthma episode last week, the tight-chesty feeling has returned. My plan is 1 week of self-medication with antihistamines, inhalers and steam, and if I'm not 100% better, I'll get my tuchis into the doctor before I get to experience Lung Crap 2005 Part II.

Meh, enough complaining. R and I are taking a week to ourselves right after Memorial Day, and I am just counting down the days, believe you me. We're making plans to go to Chincoteague, which I am so very much looking forward to. Yummy seafood, kayaking, hanging out on the beach, wandering around a small town, and ponies. Yes, life will be most good. Maybe we'll even try some sailing, although I'm down with the kayaking for right now. Here's hoping it doesn't rain.

We've also been hitting the pool some, and I really missed swimming. R has been givine me some pointers on my technic. I used to have the most gorgeous crawl stroke you could imagine, but it's slipped a little. I haven't swum regularly in at least ten years, and I'd really like to get back into it. It was one of the few sports I was ever really good at. In my hey-day, I was never really fast, but I could go for miles. When I did distance swimming, I just ate up the ground. Everyone else on my swim team would start off strong, but fade after a couple laps, and that's when I'd start lapping them. It was a great feeling. I'd like to get that kind of endurance back.


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