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2005-05-24 - 10:25 p.m.

It seems like everyone everywhere is reviewing Revenge of the Sith, so I am pathetically grateful that I got right on that shit before allowing myself to become corrupted by other interpretations of the movie. I have noticed that everyone, almost without exception, comments on the hideous "NOOOOOOoooooooooo!" bellowed out by our boy Vader. Spread the love, people. Spread it like butter.

I've been in a good mood lately, to which I can attribute to actually getting enough oxygen in my body. Perhaps this was the reason for the general ennui and malaise spoken of a while back. Although, hack hack, I probably still have to go back to get a dosage of something or other adjusted, as I'm using my rescue inhaler more than twice a week for non-exercise related purposes. As I related to the marvelous and munificient Prince R, this is the progression of my asthma attacks: "First my chest feels tight, then like my lungs aren't really filling completely. Then I start coughing a little, then I get to the part where I cough so hard I whoop and gasp to get breath (demonstrates)." R mildly commented "I bet your coworkes love that." That's about when I take my inhaler, because I am stupid and stubborn and assume, until it gets to that point, that the trouble breathing is psychosomatic.

I think I've written on here that I've been having lots of trouble running. I can happily report that now that I have the proper amount of mediciation (or something close to it) coursing through my tiny tiny lungs, running has been much more joyful. I was able to really put on some speed on Sunday. Okay, some speed for me, which was perhaps 10-minute miles (for 15 minutes). But that's fast for me!!

In other extraordinary geek news, the new season of Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica premiere on July 15. July 16 sees the release of the new Harry Potter book. I cannot believe this is coincidence. If so, it is a most serendipitous turn of events. A perfect storm of nerditutde. Yes, LFM-K, I used that term just for you. The perfect storm part, not nerditude.


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