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auditions and painting

2005-07-13 - 3:57 p.m.

I have an audition on Saturday with this choir and I'm kind of freaking out a little about it. I have between now and then to learn a Bach aria, as I haven't worked on any. I don't expect to get into this group, as they are one of the best in the area, but they rarely hold open auditions, so I figured it's worth it to meet the conductor and get an impartial evaluation of my voice. I talked with one of my teachers, and she said that in addition to my pitch problems (because of some technical difficulties I tend not to sing perfectly in pitch, but rather a little sharp) that my voice isn't really the type he likes--I'm a little too rich, and he prefers a thinner more precise voice, more like a countertenor. This surprised me, as my other teacher had told me at our initial lesson years ago that I was very suited for Bach and Mozart, and she thought I'd eventually be quite a good fit for some of the Bach groups around town. I've always thought of my voice as on the smaller side, so it will be interesting to see what he says. Regardless, it's a great opportunity. But I'll have to practice like a mofo to be certain I don't embarass myself. WRARRRWWW!! (general noise of excitment and fear--mostly the latter) Auditioning for my conductor is cool, but auditioning for someone new still completely freaks me out--which is yet another reason why I'm doing this. The more auditions I go on, the more comfortable I'll be and the better I'll do when it really matters--when I have a reasonable shot at a successful audition. To be honest, I'm surprised I even got called for an audition. I don't have much solo work at all, and no real professional singing experience.

In other news, R and I are finally (finally!) painting the living room in the resplendent shade of butter. Or rather, we are preparing to paint the living room. We need to finish sanding, possibly fill in a couple places with more spackle (although I'm lobbying against this) and then put the primer on. We're going to try to get away with just the one coat, although Mr. Perfectionist will likely decide we need two coats. The grand idea was for all of this to be done in time for the Friday night geekfest, which would be watched from the splendor of our freshly painted living room. But last night we crashed, and I'm worried the same will happen tonight. Plus I need to devote some serious time to practicing. Half the aria is easy-peasy, but the middle part has some tricky runs that will take some work before I feel confident. So that cuts in a little on the painting time.

Sunday R moved all the furniture, and Monday night we sanded and scraped and spackled the shit out of (most of) those walls. Monday night Thistle decided she'd had enough, and promptly took up residence beneath the bed. When we went upstairs, she bolted out to eat, then ran downstairs. I went down to find her staring at a cricket with the most heart-breaking expression on her little furry face. It said "I give up. I just give up. My furniture is moved, there are strange goings-on, and there is a cricket in my house. I can't take it." I've never seen a cat look defeated, but she did. I scooped her up and carried her little struggling body upstairs, where I deposited her on the bed. I pulled out my emergency stash of catnip, rubbed some all over her face and spread a little out on the bed. In about 10 seconds, she went from Tensey McTense to completely stoned. It was awesome. I've never seen such a dramatic transformation. Usually I eschew drugging my cat. I don't want a little kitty addict on my hands, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and I would have hated to resort to cat massage.


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