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2005-07-21 - 10:14 a.m.

Life is dramatically busy, but dramatically good as well. I'm heading up a NewProject at work, which has stretching me and challenging me. Although that last sentence makes it seem as though I have actually taken over maintenance of a rack, that is not quite the case. Not quite. But even though I am insanely busy, it's lovely to be insanely busy with a challenge.

Read Harry Potter 6 over the weekend. I liked it much better than Year 5--the plot was tighter, and I think it really benefited from being 100 pages shorter than Year 5. I shan't explore much further, as I don't wish to spoil those of you who haven't finished it.

R is lovingly and generously endorsing my Plant Expedition this weekend. My favorite nursery is having a 50% off sale, and I intend to purchase a million bells plant and some lavendar. I need to rip out the diseased rose bush by the side of the house, and am going to put in some lavendar to take its place. This year has really been an experimental year in my garden. We were feeding our neighbor's cat last night and I checked on their garden--they have all sorts of squash and cucumbers and tomatos growing. It was lovely. I'd like to do that next year, after improving our soil this fall. I'm wondering if I can plant pumpkins right now for the fall. I'd love to have my own home-grown pumpkins--the worms adore pumpkin, so it would be great for them.

Okay, now I'm going into a meeting, and then I have successive meetings for the rest of the day. Perhaps, if I am very lucky, I shall be able to eat a stale sandwich at some point today.


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