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wrapping my house up

2005-08-03 - 4:09 p.m.

Work has been insane lately, and so have the home improvement projects (HIP, cause I'm so hip to the jive). We painted trim and hung shutters and washed and cleaned and vaccumed and dusted and sponged down and organized and all that good stuff within an inch of our lives. Last Saturday I wandered outside to tackle a little weeding, but there was nary a weed to be seen! I went back inside to wipe down counters and clean the kitchen a little, but it was spotless! It was a bizarre and slightly uncomfortable feeling. Now we just need to get the kitchen bookshelf organized and our bedroom cleaned and then we'll be golden.

Our good friend and best man B came into town last week for a little less than 48 hours. We took him to the Spy Museum and decided to join. So now R and I are offically a Spy Couple, and friends, it took all my strength not to make hideous spy jokes about how we were now like the Bristows. Next up on the guest list are the estimable M-Ks, LFM and la reina. If they have desires to go to the spy museum, rest assured we will be armed and ready to escort with our special VIP credentials. Kids, we can't get you in for free, but we can get you into the special members entrance and onto the elevator ahead of everyone else in line. It is truly a heady feeling.

That's most of what's going on here. As I think I mentioned earlier, I've been dealing with a couple projects at work that have taken up most of my time. I haven't been spending any time on my music at all. I've been spending a little bit of time outside doing what my mother calls lady gardening (weeding, deadheading flowers, spraying for bugs), but most of the major garden grunt work is over for now. The weather has started to cool off a bit, and the worms are going overtime in their bin. Come fall R and I should be able to get some good work in improving the soil. We'll want to prepare our tomato plot with this technique, which mean some more garden grunt work. But that's still at least a month away.

I'm enjoying these last few weeks of summer, but I'm starting to long for fall and winter. I can't wait to snuggle up by the fireplace with my chenille blanket. It will be so nice to go out for a ride on the bike when it is cool out--to go into the countryside and see the foliage. I never bake in the summer, and I'm looking forward to experimenting with savory tarts and a couple nice pork dishes. If I'm lucky, maybe I can convince R to go apple-picking with me and we can make a nice lovely day of it.

Also, a very happy first birthday to my niece D.M-B. Many happy returns, princess!


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