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16 tons and what exactly do you get?

2005-10-03 - 3:47 p.m.

Yesterday was my birthday. Hurrah, I have survived another year without serious death or dismemberment. Or actually, without even minor death or dismemberment. Sans death or dismemberment of any kind, that has been my year. Grievous-bodily-injury-free, that's me. Even with the ever-increasing rides on the motorcycle, which was how we in fact celebrated my birthday. We took a nice long ride out into the country, ate lunch at a fabulous restaurant, and then R waited patiently while I circled the expensive soap shop like a shark, in ever-tightening circles until I finally selected my prey, which consisted of lemon-rind and sugar body scrub, lemon meringue body lotion and small surprises for my mom and sister-in-law (who shall be shortly occupying my house) and a shea butter soap for himself. Dayum, that was a long sentence.

Saturday we caught the matinee of "Serenity." Folks, if you have not yet seen this you must. Must must MUST. It's one of the best movies I've seen in an awful long time. The plot was unbelievably tight, the characters rang true, the fight scenes were awesome, and I was weeping like a baby by the end. It was so good I have plans to go back and see it again, and then I shall mark the days until the DVD release off in the corner next to my bed, like a prisoner waiting for that sweet sweet day of freedom. As good as the series was, the movie blew it away. Joss Whedon said in an interview that he didn't set out to make something people liked, but only stuff that they loved. At the time, I thought it was pompous, but after seeing the movie I know exactly what he meant. It was clearly a labor of love, not something slapped together for a few bucks and a last desperate shot at glory (I'm looking at you, Lucas).

Also on Saturday, I cleaned up my garden a bit. I removed some of the dead growth from the tomato plants and pulled up my tourenia, which had given up the ghost a few weeks ago. I put in some beautiful autumn-tinged pansies. We harvested about half a bucket of worm castings, which I will use to plant my bulbs tomorrow. I'm planting daffodils and crocus. I love seeing daffodils come up in the beginning of spring. I also saw some lavendar, which I had to restrain myself mightily from purchasing. It would be foolish and pointless to plant lavendar right now. But in the spring, all bets are off. I'm going to spend my winter planning out my garden. Here is my wish list of what I'd like to plant:

Sweet peas

That's in addition to my rose, if I can keep it disease free, and my hosta. It will be some doing trying to figure out how to fit all that into my garden. Mint will have to be grown in a container, so that's not a problem, and the sweet peas I was going to plant around the side of the house. But the cucumbers and tomatos will take up a huge amount of room, and I'm just not sure we can squeeze in the peppers as well. I'll probably do an herb pot with the cilantro, parsley and basil, but I'd like to have seperate containers for the rosemary and the lavendar if they're not goint to fit into the beds themselves. I'm also quickly becoming intrigued with heather, although I'm not sure we quite have the exposure we need for that. Regardless, the plan is to actually have a plan by spring, and not just go planting things willy nilly. I'm also thinking much more seriously about keeping a garden journal so that I do not bore you with all my garden musings here.


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