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another weekend gone

2005-11-07 - 5:39 p.m.

Again, another weekend with no gardening. Oh, I poked about a bit, but no major work was done. Thing is, I'm not even sure what I did do this weekend. So let's reconstruct, shall we?

We woke up Saturday morning fairly early--R went down and brewed up some coffee while I grabbed an extra hour of sleep. Then we pattered around the kitchen for a while, declaiming wildly about possible construction in our neighborhood and about the culinary delight that is grassfed beef. Then we went out to a movie, which astonishingly enough managed to suck the whole day into it. We saw the 1pm showing of "Jarhead," which was really quite good. Then we dashed off to the used book store and had dinner at a new Mexican place, where they only speak Spanish. The food was muy sabrosa. Then off home to watch some Farscape and finish the scarf I was knitting for my SIL's birthday.

Sunday felt as though it was much the same, although it wasn't. I swanned about in the dress I'll be wearing at the wedding this weekend, and tried on all the jewelry I'll be wearing. I made some more pumpkin bread, and marveled at the fact that I've gone through a 5 lb. bag of sugar in a little under two months. Scary, no? I've made easily ten loaves of pumpkin bread already this fall. R loves it, and refuses to let me branch out into the more tart cranberry bread. But I believe I shall thwart him and pursue my love of the cran absent his permission and blessings. Yes, I'm a bad wife! I went to music classes, wherein I rocked and was given a sticker, then off to the Wegman's for to buy me some food.

Wednesday night we're headed out to L.A. I'm kind of bummed about it, which sucks. It's for a good friend's wedding, and I want to be clear that I'm really happy about his wedding and very happy to be going to it, as I've been for all the trips we've had to make to CA for weddings or new babies. It's not the events or the people. It's the fact that I'm getting a little weary of planning all our trips around other people. We never get to go anyplace just because we feel like it--it's constantly scheduled around other people's timetables. I understand this is what we get for living across the country from all our family and many of our friends, but it would be so so nice to just go someplace for the hell of it. We're going to try to get back to Williamsburg the first weekend in December. It will be so nice to go someplace, just the two of us, and not have to worry about anything except what we want. I love my family, and I love my friends, but I'm ready to just be with my husband for a little while.

But enough of the mopey talk. I have rehearsal tonight, and much laundry and shit to do tomorrow.


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