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T-day and counting

2005-11-21 - 2:03 p.m.

Once again, no fricking gardening was done. My garden looks hideous and I can't do anything about it because of my back. On Friday my back felt almost totally better. Saturday I woke up, a little sore, and commenced with such insane activities as: cleaning up a few pine needles from around my pansies! Riding in the car for an hour! Carrying a five-pound box to my neighbor! Putting groceries away! Sunday? I could barely walk. I had to miss my concert because there was no way I could stand for an hour and a half on risers without collapsing. Even after I took naproxen, I knew that to go to the concert would result in my not being able to go to work today. So I'm throwing in the towel and heading to the doctor this afternoon. It's been three weeks and I cannot continue to sit on my ass doing nothing for fear that I'll provoke my back. I hate taking pain medecine, and I have literally taken naproxen every day for the last two weeks.

Other than that things are good. We picked our turkey up from the farm on Saturday. As long as we were there, we decided to sample some other products. We bought a pack of buffalo burgers, a chicken, a pound of bacon (from the pig), some chicken and rabbit sausage for Thanksgiving and some buffalo jerky. We ripped into the jerky in the car as we hadn't had much of a lunch. It was the most delicious thing I've ever eaten. It wasn't hideous and terrifying to one's teeth like ordinary jerky; instead it was just the right level of chewy. It tasted like meat, not like processed chemicals. Then ysterday we broke open the bacon, and I swear I had a spontaneous orgasm on the couch. Now I'm not much of a bacon girl--I like it occasionally, but if I had to live the rest of my life without it I wouldn't be bothered. But this bacon was the epitome of bacons, the zenith of baconness! R made me a sandwich with the bacon and some fresh avocado on wheat bread, and I just wanted to die from the goodness! I can't wait to see how the turkey and sausage is.

Speaking of turkey, I haven't studied this hard since I was in college. I'm reading recipes, researching brines and cooking techniques, drawing up lists and schedules and just totally obsessing about T-day. I have a rough outline of my game plan and a complete shopping list for last-minute supplies on Tuesday.

Iíll let everyone know how things went on Friday or Saturday.

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