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I wish I had a sleigh

2005-12-06 - 11:53 a.m.

I have returned, victorious from my battle with (fucking) bronchitis. Yes, once again I caught a nasty cold, which devolved with spectacular rapidity into bronchitis and an asthma flare-up. The difference between this year and last year's hideousness? This year I gave in and took almost a whole week off of work. I just hung out in bed, medicated to the hilt, dozing off and watching various cooking shows. Instead of soldiering on and showing up at work (and infecting the whole office), I took time off and allowed my body the rest it needed to fight off the infection. End result? I now feel human again, and even the asthma flareup seems to be in its last throes. I'm only needing my rescue inhaler once or twice a day now.

Yesterday we got a couple inches of snow. I am rejoicing in the seasonal wintery wonderland outside my window, but am slightly pissed that I cannot get outside and really romp as is my wont (see preceeding paragraph). Still, there is nothing like the first snow of the season. We had a sprinkling on Erev Thankgiving, but not much. This stuff stuck, and everything looks clean and cozy. We're scheduled for a little more snow on Friday, and I am in complete ecstasy. My beloved R, however, is feeling a mite pissy. He just got a bunch of cold-weather riding gear and was hoping to commute in a few days this week. But he (wisely) won't take the chance riding on the slushy and icy roads one must travel to get to the highway. So I guess for his sake I'm hoping this won't be a wet winter. Oh, who the hell am I kidding? Bring on the snow!

I'm not getting as into the holidays as I have been in previous years. We're getting a tree this weekend, and I'm sure much discussion of furniture placement will ensue. I'm considering practing my piano so I can entertain guests with a stunning rendition of "Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart." We're planning a Christmas Eve brunch for my cousins, and then perhaps a Christmas Eve get together for some other friends. We're also toying with the idea of heading down to Williamsburg between Christmas and New Year's. It would be great. I could tote the menorah so I can forget to light the candles there instead of here. All the Christmas decorations will still be up, and I bet we could probably get our hands on some roasted chestnuts. We could wander around to our hearts delight, just the two of us. Come to think of it, it's starting to sound pretty darn idyllic.


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