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Year in Review (of a sort)

2005-12-12 - 1:04 p.m.

Taken from Chasmyn, here is a neat Year-In-Review meme. Go back through your archives and take the first sentence of the first entry for each month. This is the Story of My Life.

January: As most of you are aware, every winter I come down with a hacking and loathsome cough, diagnosis yet undetermined.

February: Special message to Gryffon--I am a crappy friend, because I only remember to return your phone call when I cannot make said phone call. I am thinking of you! I don't hate you!

March: I am still alive and will one day dig myself out of the hideous hole of backlogged work that has accumulated.

April: The other day I was clipping coupons (frugal Wealhtheow!) and I came across an ad for a Moolatte.

May: Wow. Suddenly it's been weeks and weeks since I posted anything in here.

June: I took a whole glorious week off, during which I accomplished Relatively Little.

July: We had a whopper of a morning yesterday.

August: Work has been insane lately, and so have the home improvement projects (HIP, cause I'm so hip to the jive).

I've been caught up in an overwhelming sense of ennui, perhaps with some spleen mixed in for good measure.

October: Yesterday was my birthday.

November: OK. If you'd all check out the guestbook for a minute....

December: I have returned, victorious from my battle with (fucking) bronchitis.

So as you can see, my year begins and ends with lung congestion. How much fun for all concerned!

I did much baking yesterday, and more is in the works. I have plans to make some peanut butter fudge and distribute it around the neighborhood. YAY FUDGE!! This weekend I made some spice cookies, which, although good, probably need some orange zest or maybe some Grand Marnier to bring out the spices a little more.

That's it for now.


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