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post-holiday resolutions

2006-01-04 - 4:20 p.m.

Furious debate about the nature of grace raging on over at the Couch. Yours truly is appropriately grumpy.

Christmas and Chanukah holidays went exceedingly well. For the first year in memory, I remembered to light candles for all eight nights. This in itself is a miracle on par with that of Chanukah itself. Christmas Eve we had cousins over to brunch. I made a caramelized onion tart and Questionable Quiche, so termed because I had screwed up on the recipe. But lo, it was good, and now shall become a quick and easy staple forever referred to as Questionable Quiche. R made latkes so good I wanted to die. We made a test run late the night before, and after I took my first bite I looked him straight in the eye. "I am never, ever, ever going to divorce you," I told him. In response, he just loaded up another latke on my plate. It was divine.

Later that night we had other friends over to consume leftovers and some cold cuts I had earlier purchased. Then, after everyone left, R and I dug in and opened our presents. I had already opened a couple--upon hearing I had guests, my mother called back to insist that I open my reindeer napkins, which nicely matched the glasses R had gotten me two years earlier. Other gifts include: wooden quail that is pleasing to the touch; latte frother; Battlestar Galactica Season 2 DVD (met with much rejoicing and a terrible tendency to now refer to Thistle as "Battlecat Thistle"); a Russian "comedy" on DVD that practically made us weep, even though we weren't at all drunk; a pair of Uggs and attendant stain removers; a rocking Global vegetable knife that will kill you if you look at it the wrong way; a chocolate fondue set; a cordless drill; a set of cordless tools; some earrings; Real Genius on DVD; Johnson's Dictionary; a wicked cool calendar with pictures of my niece; and many other assorted goodies including a decanter with this inscription: "To C----'s Warbler: After singing the descant, sit by the fire and decant!" Highly enjoyable, good sir! Also making an appearance was the DVD of Serenity, but this, of course, was not subjected to wrapping laws and was instead presented immediately. My favorite gift? I made my grandmother a shawl, and she called me up the next day to tell me how much she loved and it how much it meant to her. She told me it was one of the best gifts she's ever been given in her life. That was my best present.

The rest of the break was mostly relaxing. We did go to Williamsburg, but it was crazy crowded, so we came home a little early. I went to the knitting store with a friend and started a couple new projects--I'm making myself a shawl and I'm also making an afghan for R and I to cozy up with. It's nice to make something for myself. Then it will most likely be time to start in on next year's presents. I'm going try to knit a few of them next year--perhaps throws for my parents and my in-laws.

To conclude, resolutions:
1. Loose weight at a consistent rate of 3 pounds a month (giant post about my fat bootay will not be making an appearance this month--bitching about it hasn't seemed to stop me from putting on tons of weight this holiday).
2. Eat at least two servings of fruits or vegetables every single day.
3. Take control of my asthma by getting into decent cardiovascular shape.
4. Treat my cat more like an individual with her own desires and wants--i.e., stop referring to her as "Battlecat Thistle" and dream about staging elaborate video shoots where we dress her in minaturized body armor and send her riding into battle on something faintly resembling a Roomba.

On second thought, strike that last resolution. There is no way I'm giving up the dream of an army of fierce Battlecats who will whine for food without mercy.


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