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101 in 1001 update

2006-02-10 - 2:52 p.m.

I'm in an absurdly good mood today. A dear friend received her 2nd Emmy nomination--good on you, N!! Another dear friend and I have been exchanging snarky snarky e-mails about a certain Smug Homeowner Conservative on the internetweb. I had a revenue target for some ads I was selling. I did not make this target. I blew it out of the fucking water!! And, most delightfully, we'll be having the first snow storm of the year this weekend. On a Saturday, so I can sit inside all cozy and watch falling snow all day, next to a roaring fire. I can make chicken soup. I can suit up for a snowy romp outside, and then come in for a steaming cup of hot chocolate, perhaps with a little bit of Kahlua mixed in--for medicinal purposes, I assure you!!

Anyways, this sunny mood is a welcome respite from the traditional sturm und drang which usually accompanies the period in which Association gears up for our big conference. But lo, I am a happy happy girl, and intend to remain so for as long as possible. The only kink in my weekend is that I was planning to get my hairs cut and my eyebrows waxed in a futile attempt to conform with Things 44 and 45 on this list. However, the impending snow storm (at least, what passes for a snow storm in NoVa) will prevent from piloting my intrepid little Jetta over to the gym.

In fact, let’s examine the things I have done on this list in the past few months.

12. Have people over to our house at least once every 3-4 months. I seem to be good with this, as I’ve had people over every 3 or 4 months since last year. Of course, often those people are our neighbors—but every 3 or 4 months, I actually clean the house and prepare a nice dinner or brunch.

34. Knit something other than a scarf. Lo, I am now knitting an afghan! And I knitted a shawl for my grandmother for Christmas.

36. Something people would pay money for—perhaps at my choir’s annual silent auction.I’m counting this as done, even though the auction hasn’t happened. Regardless, I knit another shawl and donated it to the auction.

53. Take a yoga class I have taken a yoga class! And I intend to start taking them more regularly at the gym. However, I took three yoga classes—one was challenging, one was very easy and the third was way insanely hard and gave me sciatica.

60. Host Thanksgiving This year my SIL B came out for Thanksgiving. We made way too much food and had a blast. I gained a lot of confidence about cooking a major holiday meal, and think I’d like to try it again this year. Changes? I’d make a much smaller turkey—mine as 16 pounds for 3 people, which is insane. I’d get the cheap sausages rather than the gourmet sausages—cheap frozen sausages taste more like Thanksgiving, and no one will eat them except for me anyhow. I’d make the stuffing a day ahead. Other than that, I think I did a damn good job.

65. Make at least one new friend. I’m going to count this one as done, because last year at this time I wasn’t nearly as close with neighbor Y as I feel today. So even though we were definitely friendly a year ago, I’m counting her as a new friend for this year.

68. Cook a gourmet meal completely from scratch for my cousins, who are constantly feeding us. We had a lovely Christmas Eve brunch for my cousins this year. Although we had store-bought chocolates for dessert, we did have home-made Questionable Quiche (so named because I screwed up the recipe but it turned out okay), caramelized onion tart, latkes, and most importantly, home-made mimosas. Yummy! I’m counting this as from scratch.

98. Make more desserts. Ooh baby! I’ve been doing this with a vengeance, leading to a rather chubby January. But I’ve made cookies and pies and biscotti and muffins and peanut butter fudge and over the holiday season, and I don’t regretted the making of any of it one tiny bit. The eating of it? That’s a different story!

So there is the update. 636 days to go, and 80 things to do!


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