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My garden, a,.k.a. a boring entry

2006-03-03 - 12:32 p.m.

Allow me to boast of my fabulous lunch. It actually conisisted of nothing more than leftover salad and some prosciutto, but I made a great dressing this morning--just a simple vinaigrette, but I got the bright idea to add in some red pepper flakes--and let me tell you, that's definitely something I'm doing again. So yummy and zingy! It was a great complement to the prosciutto, which was something I'd been worried about.

It's almost time to get out in my garden again. Next weekend it is supposed to be in the 60s, and I'll start my clean-up. I need to strip out old dead plants and pick up all the dead pine needles. If its a sunny day I will take the lid off the worms and harvest some castings to enrich the soil. Maybe this weekend I'll do a quick scout of my favorite nurseries to see what's there. R and I need to discuss what kind of tomatoes we're putting in. I think he's leaning towards Big Boy, and I certainly don't have a problem with that, but I might like a second vine of an heirloom variety, or possibly some cherry tomatoes to use in cooking. My in-laws are scheduled to visit in May, and I'd like the garden to look tip-top for when they come. That means I really need to get down to work by the beginning of April. My impatiens needs to go in by then to be at full good-lookin' bloom. I'll probably cheat and get some container plants at the nursery to fill things out--I'm planning on getting a lavendar shrub for the front stoop--but most of it I want to do myself. I need to figure out a nice border the garden around the side of the house. I think this weekend is when I'll do some real planning, as opposed to all the dreaming I've been doing all winter long.

Other weekend plans include probably cooking up that organic chicken we've had in the freezer since before Thanksgiving. I think I might take it out tonight and then roast it for Sunday--making good leftovers for Monday. I came across a good recipe for garlic-citrus roast chicken that sounded pretty easy.

This is a boring entry, but my brain is still pretty much on hiatus from all the convention work. 16-hour days are a bitch, y'all.


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