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random roundup

2006-03-17 - 11:43 a.m.

I tire of my blog! Perhaps I will finally make good on my threat to redesign the site in furtherance of what the kids would call my "mad HTML skilz." Or is that my "L33t sKilZ?" Questions for you to ponder for the rest of the day.

R bought me 5 pansies the other day. FIVE! We went to the awesome farm the very same day it opened--we were, in point of fact, the very very first customers of the whole season. It was awesome. I also got some peppermint and some oregano (which I keep calling cilantro, probably because I really really want some cilantro but it is not quite time for that just yet).

At random and in no particular order:

I am craving pad thai like mad, but am unwilling to go downstairs and get some. Why, you ask? I'll tell you why: there is too much to eat all by my lonesome, and I do not believe it will keep over the weekend. Although I think I have a spare container at my desk that I can use to bring home the pad thai. Bring home the pad thai, I command you! You being, in this case, myself. Or perhaps I'll just make some this weekend. Or shall I do both???

I bought me a brand-spanking-new iPod! The 30 GB. It is beautiful and shiny and plays my music so nicely, without any of the stuttering effect of my old iPod. Plus it is one of those fancy-schmancy video iPods. I can watch Steve Martin sing odes to long-dead Egpytian pharoahs on my commute! At some point, I shall most likely download the "Battlestar Galactica" miniseries onto my 'Pod and watch that during my commute. Also? I can now play solitaire.

After a short recess outside, the worms are back in my kitchen. Yes, we keep our 20 lbs. of hard-working worms in the house during the winter. I'd hardly want them to freeze to death--what kind of hideous and mutant worm steward would that make me? But! But! I just harvested my first tray of castings. Oh. My. Goddess. On Saturday I dead-headed all my pansies, and wound up cutting off over 75% percent of the blooms in an attempt to catch them before they went to seed. After mixing in most of a tray into my beds (in preparation for later spring planting), I used some extra casting to mulch the pansies. Three days later I looked out back. It was a positive riot of blooms. There is no reason to use commercial fertlizers when you have worm castings. I wish I had taken before and after pictures--the difference was that stark.

I am rapidly coming around to the idea that jarred tomato sauce is for pussies, and toying with the notion of cooking up a batch of my own. I don't know. I guess it all depends on shelf life. With R making pizza every week, we'd probably go through a batch of tomato sauce with a right quickness. Plus I am experiencing a craving for some good spaghetti with meat sauce, and I really think I'd like to make up my own sauce as opposed to doing it in the jar.

In an attempt to fight the whining about how I'm so fat and so out of shape, I performed a revolutionary task and actually did something about it. I went to the gym last week and set up some meeting with a trainer. I tell you what, kids. It is one thing to whine about how you're so out of shape and blah blah blah. It is quite another to look at the stark and somewhat scary evidence of just how out of shape you are. Not 18 months ago, my cardiovascular fitness was considered "superior." Last Sunday it was considered "poor." So I've got a tailored workout and am hitting the gym 4 days a week. Granted, I've only made it about 2 days, but the week ain't over yet. I got my workout on Tuesday, and went to the gym Wednesday and Thursday. I have plans to hit it Saturday and Sunday as well, since I have a rehearsal tonight. It's going to be a long, slow process, but one that I feel I need to commit to for the sake of my health--and also as a part of my marriage committment to R.

I think that's the end of the random roundup. Now--to pad thai or not to pad thai? That is the question. And I leave it to you to guess the answer.


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