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2006-03-22 - 10:44 a.m.

Last night I watched a "Good Eats" episode regarding pickling. It left me with a yearning desire to make my own pickles. Sadly, the recipes on the show were all infusion pickles, and what I'd really like to do is create full-on kosher dills. Oh yum! Pickles are truly among my favorite food. AB also had a recipe for delicious pickled plums and pears, which I will have to try come summer. Oh, delightful pickles made by my own hand! I shall revert to the resourceful and cunning form of the housewife, pickling during the months of plenty to put away for the months of not-so-plenty! Or, more realistically, picking and then eating a jar within about 2 months, because damn do I love pickles! So did Mark Twain, so I refuse to feel guilty.

So I am Working Out! I am Pushing It to the Max! I am doing Extreme Sports! If one considers extreme to be doing 15 girlie pushups, which hello? That is Extreme Sports as far as I'm concerned. So far I am happy. It is nice to push my body and my trainer (Goddess, but I feel fake and L.A.-y writing that) has promised "miracles" with my leg squats and lunges. Miracles! Perhaps all the cars in parking lot shall part in front of me! Perhaps sports drink shall fall from the heavens! Perhaps the Angel of Death shall pass over my house, yea, even though I have not anointed my lintels with the blood of a sacrifical lamb! Or perhaps I shall just firm up my tuchis. A nice side effect of all this is that my appetite for "bad" food is decreasing and my appetite for salads and vegetables and water is increasing. Verily! We'll see if all this holds up in the next couple weeks. I tend to get all gung-ho and excited when I start an exercise routine, but a month in and I'm all "meh, I'd rather read a book." So I guess my goal is "no more meh," which sounds considerably more authentic than "just do it!" Just do what, corporate clones?

In other news, I tire of winter! It snowed last night, and although I never fail to thrill at least a little bit to the sight of snow (it sparkles!), I was really more than ready for spring to spring up into the seventies. Up, damn thermometer! Bring me warm days and cold margaritas! Or, even more enticingly, mojitos -- made with fresh mint from my own garden. R and I were going to start taking long walks on Sundays, but it was way too cold last Sunday and looks like it's not going to be super-warm this weekend either. Plus he just got us a new cushy seat for the motorcycle, and we'd like to take a nice long drive into the country -- possibly even hitting some nurseries or wineries as we go. Yay for wine and foliage!


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