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TV and gardening (of course)

2006-04-17 - 4:43 p.m.

I tried to post this as a response to Luis, but his comments hate me. So I present to you all my television viewing as of late.

Much like Luis, Scrubs is a constant favorite around our house, and is the only sitcom we'll watch. The writers are constantly impressing me with their attention to detail and wackiness. Yay for the wack!

Doctor Who has made it onto my Friday night lineup, now that the trifecta of Stargate, Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica are off for the season. At first the show just brought warm memories of childhood scifi, but now it's really starting to get good, and I highly recommend it for all you scifanatics out there.

Of course, my latest discovery--and I am indeed a wealhtheow-come-lately for this--is the scifi crack that is Farscape. Kids, words alone cannot express how much I have come to love this show. I may love it more than Buffy. I never thought that a show with farting puppets would break my heart into a thousand pieces* on a regular basis, but it does. I find myself coming back to the episodes in my head weeks after they air (I'm catching reruns). I love this show.

Cooking shows are still my raison de Tivo, and I still heartily reccomend Alton Brown's Good Eats and Giada de Laurentiis' Everyday Italian. I'm also loving Iron Chef America, despite it not having quite the same level of ludicrousness as the Japanese original. My very favorites are the ones where Mario Batali competes. I love Mario completely and wish to hug him as one might hug a large and wonderful teddy bear. Than he could come home with me and show me how to make scrumptious Italian food and correct my pronunciation! I also kind of like Bobby Flay, but just because he's so pissy. I love to see him fail. It is the schadenfreude coming out in me. Speaking of schadenfreude, Food Network: Food Challenge, immediately after Iron Chef America, presents such an opportunity for that wonderful emotion. It is a magnificient food competition, usually pastry-based, where each chef has about 8 hours to put together a birthday cake, or a cupcake sculpture, or some other sort of cake. Then they have to move their creation to a table, thereby measuring the practical application of said confection. The potential for massive carnage and disaster is spectacular. Plus, some of the creations are just gorgeous.

R and I still watch Lost, even though it now sucks. Why? Because I fear and loathe change. My god, I watched X-Files practically right up to the bitter bitter bitter end. However, we did strike Monk out of our viewing lineup. For the first two seasons, this was a fabulous quirky detective show with a fabulous quirky lead character. But starting with season three, Tony Shalhoub's OCD detective became a sad caricature, and it was too depressing to watch. Y'all, this was a good show, and it breaks my heart that so much potential was wasted so that the show could appeal to the LCD.

*I was totally going to write "into a million little pieces," but thought that would just be too too coy.

OK! Garden time!! I went to the nursery this weekend and spent $50. I got some creeping phlox, which is now around the side of the house. R is not real crazy about this, but he perked up when I told him it was a perennial. Creeping phlox is a ground cover, and I think he'll like the looks of it much better once it grows to cover the entire front section of the (side of the) house, instead of just being in six clumps as it is now. I also got almost all the rest of my herbs in--I did a pot of cilantro, rosemary and chives and another pot of parsley. All I need now is some basil, which is best planted in May, as it lurves the heat. I also got two tomatoes--maybe a little early, but I don't think we'll have any frost and I was absolutely seduced at the thought of getting those in the ground. I put in "Celebrity" and "Supersonic," a change from last year when I put in "Big Boy." I might also try to sneak in some smaller cherry or grape tomatoes--we'll see how the garden is growing.
My hostas are looking gorgeous! I'm so pleased with my dividing attempts--my only regret is not dividing more evenly and putting some more plants over next to my baby hosta. Oh well--there's always next year. Still, I can't wait to fill in with impatiens. Oh frabjous day!
I'm waiting with bated breath for my sweet pea seeds. I hope they come this week so I can get them started and in the ground before family starts coming out for visits. How heavenly they will smell!


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